Is any law firm or company immune from Brexit,  trade law or global privacy  (GDPR) issues? Thomson Reuters is responding to the growth of cross-border legal issues with the launch of the Practical Law Global which allows researchers to browse for foreign law answers by country  or topic.  Jurisdiction-specific resources are written by a prestigious roster of  local experts. Practical Law Global will be available on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020.

Practical Law Global

Practical Law Global offers:

  • A seamless navigation between  domestic and global content
  • A new global practice taxonomy
  • Access to Global In-House Resources on the home page
  • Ability to customize  a personal list of country favorites in a Featured Countries section
  • A country Q&A comparison tool to compare answers to key questions across multiple jurisdictions
  • Ability to set up alerts to track issues around the globe.


Local Country Content Written By Specialists

What is Practical Law Global? Practical Law Global puts all Practical Law content  into a unified, simple interface for users in need of know-how outside their primary jurisdiction. New topical and jurisdictional content has been added to the global  platform. Major jurisdictional materials from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and China are supplemented with additional coverage from more than 100 other countries.

According to Emily Colbert, vice president, Practical Law Product Management, the major benefit of Practical Law Global is an enhanced user experience which allows lawyers to more easily discover relevant international materials by searching or navigating  through either topics or jurisdictions. Thomson Reuters has created a new hierarchy of 14 global practice areas broken into granular subtopics. Thomas Sander, director, Practical Law Product Management, highlighted the pervasiveness of privacy issues in legal which Thomson Reuters has addressed with the integration of content from the Thomson Reuters Global Data Privacy & Security  Center into the Practical Law Global platform.

 What are the 14 global practice areas  in Global? • Antitrust & Competition • Arbitration • Benefits, Share Plans & Executive Compensation • Capital Markets • Commercial • Corporate • Data Privacy & Security • Employment • Finance & Financial Regulation • Intellectual Property & Technology • Life Sciences • Litigation & Dispute Resolution • Real Estate • Restructuring & Insolvency.

Practical Law Global Topical Law Pages

Upgrading Practical Law Global  Subscribers to country specific content (E.g. US, UK, Canada, Australia) will have the opportunity to upgrade to “Global.”   All Practical Law subscribers can get to the Global content  by clicking the “Global” home button at the top of the home page. Access to the new global experience pages is not restricted, however, out-of-plan content will still be restricted in the same way as current out-of-plan content.  No one will lose access to any content which is currently available to them.

View a video about the Practical Law Global here.