This week, Apple approved the Onelog mobile APP which is  now is available via the Apple APP Store.

Onelog Mobile App

In the past decade we witnessed the acceleration of law libraries morphing from print to digital collections. In response librarians needed usage data to determine the ROI for high ticket digital resources. They needed a tool to improve cost recovery by requiring client number validation before sign-on. Several products  emerged to address that need: Lookup Precision, Research Monitor and Onelog.  With the proliferation of tablets, Ipads and Smartphones, and increased  lawyer mobility, librarians knew they were losing the ability to track an increasing share of digital resources use. This week Onelog became the first vendor to close that gap with the introduction of two products: Onelog Mobile for PC and Onelog Mobile for iPhone/iPad.

The Onelog product which was first released in 2004 addresses several management problems. It records usage of electronic resources, it manages and saves individual passwords,  It can  require a lawyer to provide a client number for designated products, and facilitates that process by allowing them to look up a client number when it is not known.  Over the years they have improved both the interface and the reporting capabilities of the Onelog product, but this week’s announcement breaks new ground in addressing the latest challenges of digital resource management in a mobile world.

Today’s lawyer performs  research wherever an Internet connection is available and he or she performs it on a range of different devices.  Onelog has now developed a solution which allows a lawyers’ passwords to travel with him or her. According to James Wright,  Onelog Product Director, “Our focus has been to make the introduction of Onelog Mobile as simple as possible.  So, to use Onelog Mobile on your iPhone or iPad simply register while at the office, download the App and enter your registration details, then use it. IT Departments needn’t do a thing.  We are very proud of our Onelog Cloud Service that makes this possible.”

Onelog Mobile – Two Solutions in One

Off-Network Access, Password Provision and Usage Analytics for PC’s & Smart Devices

Onelog Mobile for PC will enable Onelog to provide single sign-on access to content, even if your network is down or user bypasses Citrix when remote. This advancement can be a valuable tool for your disaster recovery efforts. Furthermore, Onelog Mobile for PC will monitor usage (even when off the network) and automatically sync user passwords & usage.

Onelog Mobile for iPhone / iPad has been designed to offer a solution that is fully automated,  this requires zero involvement by IT. Onelog will securely login users, insert validated numbers, require comments (when appropriate) and monitor usage. Onelog Cloud Sync, another technological advancement for seamless and secure integration will encrypt all data and report usage when devices never connect to the network.  A lawyer can use his or her personal iPad, download the Onelog Library Portal APP, navigate to resources and report usage via the fully automated and secure Onelog Cloud Sync.