Today vLex  is announcing the launch of a powerful suite of generative AI-backed document analysis tools for litigators and transactional attorneys  Vincent AI platform.  vLex occupies a unique space in the legal research and workflow space since it is the only truly multi-national research platform which has now expanded into an AI enabled

Vincent AI Document Analyze The new product called Vincent AI Document Analyze is a workflow tool designed to streamline and enhance  the drafting of contracts, motions, pleadings, and other legal documents. vLex is the only legal research and drafting platform offering  AI tools with multi-national capabilities “built on top of the world’s most comprehensive global library of legal information, with more than 1 billion documents from around the world. “

vLex Labs  vLex is also announcing the availability of  vLex Labs. This will be offered to select Vincent customers and will enable them to team up with a vLex implementation team and in order to create proprietary AI-powered workflows.

Beyond Legal Research The most important sentence in the press release indicates that this is  a milestone marking  vLex’s commitment to drive innovation into their products and take the lead in developing legal research solutions “that go beyond information retrieval to revolutionize the way that legal professionals work.”

“With Vincent AI, you no longer have to choose between innovative technology and comprehensive content,” said vLex CEO Luís Faus. “Our platform offers a seamless integration of both, setting a new standard in efficiency, customization, and effectiveness across all legal practices.”


Vincent AI Document Analyze

Vincent AI Document Analyze offers customizable GenAI-backed workflows that enable legal professionals to interrogate complex legal documents and use Vincent’s legal reasoning and analysis abilities to begin drafting strategic responses, harnessing the power of structured data. Users achieve benefits such as:

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Bloomberg Industry Group has announced that the acquisition of Dashboard Legal, a project management and collaboration solution designed for law firms and in-house counsel. Like the majority of legal tech startups, Dashboard Legal by developed by a former ALM 100 attorney Mat Rotenberg, in a “there’s got to be a better way” moment.

I had a chance to talk with Rotenberg and Joe Breda, president Bloomberg Law.  I was particularly fascinated to hear that Rotenberg had participated in  large law “technology committees” which means not only felt the frustrations of of fragmented workflows as a practitioner, but understands the mechanics of legal tech decision making. Dashboard Legal was built to enable collaboration and to simplify and clarify workflows as well as maximize efficiency.

Dashboard Legal is positioned in the legal project management space. It provides team level, real-time visibility into the projects and tasks attorneys are responsible for executing. The acquisition expands Bloomberg Law’s presence within the legal workflow market, which it entered last year with the introduction of Bloomberg Law Contract Solutions, its AI-powered solution for storing, searching, drafting, and negotiating contracts. Although the founder was a transactional attorney the tools can be using across of wide spectrum of use cases including litigation projects.

Only two prior acquisitions. Bloomberg Law has done most of their development in-house. They have previously acquired only two other companies. The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) in 2011  and . Exemplify in 2016, the technology that underpins Bloomberg Law’s Draft Analyzer.

The BNA acquisition aligns well with the Dashboard Legal workflow tools. BNA brought Bloomberg a deep mine of secondary material including treatises, newsletters and practical guidance materials. I like to remind people that BNA was the first company in the U.S. to

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The ILTACON 2024 Exhibit Hall will once again host the ILTACON Startup Stage and Startup Hub. The Startup Hub will offer more than 25 opportunities for new startups to exhibit at ILTACON for a reduced rate and promote their organizations on the Startup Stage.

Applications for the Startup hub will open on March 25 and will close on May 1

This is a perfect opportunity for visionaries, industry disruptors, and those who challenge the status quo to participate in the premier Legal Technology Conference, ILTACON. 

Approved applicants will receive a 10 x 10 booth kiosk with 2 stools, carpet, and electrical, 2 – full-access conference badges, and the opportunity to present on the ILTACON Startup Stage. 

Apply early to secure your spot!

Today Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company, is releasing a new tool for competitive insights called “Litigation Footprint.”  Lex Machina now includes litigation analytics from over 27 million cases filed in 94 federal district courts and over 1,300 state courts in 34 states and the District of Columbia.  The Litigation Footprint enhancement was developed in response to customer demand for deeper party level analysis tools.

Since its launch in 2010 as a platform for analyzing IP litigation, Lex Machina has continuously raised the bar for the legal analytics market. The Lex Machina platform combines natural language processing, machine learning, human curation, data normalization and extensive tagging of data elements to improve precision and granularity of research results and reporting.

.Litigation Footprint focuses on the litigation histories of corporate entities in order to enable lawyers to quickly get a high level overview of a  party’s litigation footprint across the United States.

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Law library budgets can easily grow wild like sprawling and untamed gardens. In the past, law librarians could be managing literally thousands of print titles spread across dozens of locations. The pandemic accelerated the full embrace of digital alternatives to print. Today many law firm libraries have small print collections but a large and complex network of digital licenses. Law firm mergers, the opening of new offices and the continuous churn of lateral partners can play havoc with budgets and orderly management of both digital and print collections.

We have all been confronted with an invoice which prompts us to pause and wonder “Why are we paying for that?”

The legal tech market is bursting with innovative new Generative AI products. Sometimes the only way to pay for a new resource, is to purge the collection of lesser used, duplicative or legacy products which have been automatically renewed without any analysis.

Over the course of my career I have grappled with the unruly forces of full “mergers of equals,”  partial mergers, office openings, office closing, spin-offs, practice group migrations…. Practices expand or shrink over time. Partners come and go and often leave behind a legacy of resources that no longer have a devoted champion.

The best way to control costs is to develop processes and protocols for each of the 3 major product lifecycle benchmarks:  acquisition, renewal and cancellation.

The full article is posted on Legal Tech Hub

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CHICAGO – March 5, 2024 — The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)— the
only national organization representing law librarians and legal information
professionals—is thrilled to announce registration for its 117th Annual Meeting &
Conference in Chicago, Illinois, is now open. Register at this link

The 2024 AALL Annual Meeting & Conference—Lead.Innovate.Transform—will be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, July 20-23.

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LegalOn Technologies, has launched LegalOn Assistant, which can answer contract questions, draft clauses, summarize contract terms, and more. According to US CEO Daniel Lewis,  “LegalOn Assistant is an extension of your legal team. It saves you time, handles mundane tasks, and is easy to use in day-to-day work.”

LegalOn includes a suite  tools for streamlining contract review and drafting. Functionalities include redlining, practice notes, contract templates, and easy customization for companies with their own playbooks and templates. 

The new LegalOn Assistant will be available to all existing subscribers at no additional cost.

LegalOn Assistant is specially trained and tested for commercial contracting work. “Dozens of engineers and lawyers worked for months to take the power of GPT-4 and upgrade it with legal training and testing,” said Gabor Melli, VP of Artificial Intelligence at LegalOn. “We add to that

advanced security and privacy protections, including SOC II Type 2 compliance, so that companies can trust Assistant with their sensitive documents and questions.”

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The American Association of Law Libraries is seeking nominations for the 2024 Product of the year award. Both members and vendors can submit nominations.

This award honors new commercial information products that enhance or improve existing law library services or procedures or innovative products which improve access to legal information, the legal research process, or procedures for technical processing of library materials.

A “new” product is defined as one which has been in the library-related marketplace for two years or less. New products may include, but are not limited to, computer hardware and/or software, educational or bibliographic material, or other products or devices that aid or improve library workflow, research, or intellectual access. Products that have been reintroduced in a new format or with substantial changes are eligible.

The world before and after Generative AI If you are scratching your head and trying to

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Today LexisNexis Legal & Professional, released results from a survey of senior leadership at top U.S. law firms and legal professionals at Fortune 1000 companies. The survey   2024 Investing in Legal Innovation Survey: The Rise of GenAI at Top Firms & Corporations  explores  the business impact of generative AI technology on the legal industry.

I can’t recall any prior technology that has simultaneously trigged both of breathless enthusiasm and panicked resistance . While the technology shows game changing promise, there are significant ethical, client relations, security and intellectual property concerns which still need to be addressed. The C-Suite survey charts the issues of concern where are impeding adoption of GenAI.

Rapid Uptake and Generative AI investments

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Courtroom Insight has announced the  launch of  a comprehensive Lawyer Directory. Courtroom Insight has been aggregating data on professionals (lawyers, arbitrators, judges and experts) as well as a suite of partnership alliances. According to the press release, “this unique, specialized offering expands on Courtroom Insight’s existing model for delivering legal professional insights by aggregating private internal data, dynamically updated proprietary data, and integrated partner content into one centralized platform.”

The “dynamically updated” lawyer data, which includes detailed educational backgrounds, work histories (including clerkships), admissions, subject matter expertise, and self-reported diversity information.

Customers can opt to integrate  Courtroom Insight’s proprietary data with integrated content from partner providers, including case histories from LexisNexis and Docket Alarm. The enhanced lawyer directory can be used to drive business initiative across the full spectrum of business unitions. including including: alumni tracking, business development, experience management, and research.

Courtroom Insight CEO, Mark Torchiana, stated “For years, clients have been asking us to build an authoritative lawyer directory. Our new solution fits seamlessly into our existing mission of creating an authoritative resource for all people in legal by aggregating critical data and automatically identifying individuals’ connections to lawyers and organizations. We are excited to deliver this important new dataset and functionality.”

Several testimonials were included in the press release:

Keli Whitnell, Director of Firm Intelligence at Troutman Pepper, explained why her firm signed up for the Lawyer Directory’s early access. “Accurate attorney data plays a pivotal role in driving numerous strategic initiatives, spanning from business development and experience management to alumni tracking and recruitment. Courtroom Insight’s capability to provide this crucial information through their platform significantly influenced our decision to invest in their solution. We are particularly grateful for their collaborative approach, tailoring specific data fields, filters, and other customizations to align with our data needs. Troutman Pepper is proud to be the first firm to integrate Courtroom Insight’s adjudicator directory into Litera Foundation Firm Intelligence and prioritizes further enhancing our data ecosystem with the new lawyer directory in 2024.”

Adam Pollet, a Securities Enforcement and Litigation Partner at Eversheds Sutherland, explained his firm’s rationale for making the purchase. “I’ve wanted a tool like this for years. Access to dynamically updated lawyer data is a differentiating business development tool for my practice. Combined with its comprehensive arbitrator and expert database, Courtroom Insight provides our firm with the ability to provide superior risk management and litigation services to our clients.”

For more information go to Courtroom Insight.