Lawyers always want to have an edge. Sometimes that edge comes in the form of a news alert,  a breaking court case or even a breaking docket complaint. Add to this – clients’ expectations that lawyers follow developments in their business and industry.  No lawyer wants to get breaking news from their clients.
Librarians – the original knowledge managers – have been introducing lawyers to alerting systems for the past three decades starting with Lexis Eclipse and WESTLAW’s Westclip. With the explosion of web content and specialty newsletters librarians were challenged to tame the firehose of daily news using sophisticated aggregation platforms. There are specialist electronic services librarians who live and breathe alerts and aggregation platforms.
Osmosys  entered the legal market almost 20 years ago.  In the past decade founder, Eric Gr Gross  focused on expansion in  financial services market. Ozmosys has come roaring  back into the legal market with a new AI enabled alerting system which Gross describes as being powered by their propriety AI or “lawyer brain.” I talked with Gross about the latest developments at Ozmosys.
Osmosys is on its fourth generation analysis engine. Gross, no stranger to hyperbole, claims that his new technology will “leave old AI in the dust.”  According to Gross the  Ozmosys “lawyer brain“ was trained on legal concepts and terminology by ingesting over 1 million legal memos in every area of law. The system is powered by 300+ “no code,”  “no train.” neural networks which produce highly relevant results..
After a targeted alert is set up the  “lawyer brain” identifies relevant stories and uses advanced contextual search technology to filter the results and deliver alerts. Over the past decades we have all learned the limits of keyword search.
 What matters is context.  The Ozmosys AI “lawyer brain” discerns the relationship between words and concepts  in order to generate relevant results, even if the specific words searched for don’t actually appear in the relevant article:
● AI Topical Neural Networks: 300+ neural networks trained to think like attorneys can determine specific relevance to virtually any practice area, even to specific entities
● AI Company Disambiguation: distinguishes between a company vs an object with the same name, e.g. Apple
● AI Trust and Relevancy: removes irrelevant articles
● Advanced De-duplication against all content sources
Mines Social Media for Business-Critical News, Removing the Chatter. Ozmosys Social captures and analyzes the notices, announcements and press releases now published on social media, including LinkedIn, instead of traditional newswires.
Improving Alert Management and Control.  The platform allows Librarians to organize and manage third-party subscriptions and news alerts in a central platform. Ozmosys ingests all subscriptions, email newsletters, alerts and external content from disparate sources into a centralized repository. The more content sources that flow through Ozmosys, the smarter the system gets. It promises to be a virtuous circle of improving results.
ROI – My Favorite Topic
According to Gross the Ozmosys management dashboard will provide accurate usage and ROI analyses of paid subscriptions . In addition, it uses analytics to identify the content each lawyer has been reading in order to enhance future alerts. The usage data will not only advise librarians about the impact of the search results but will provide powerful analytics on the “open rates” of stories delivered from high ticket news sources. This type of data is critical in making renewal and cancellation decisions.
The Competition –  Ozmosys will be faced with a fair amount of competition in the legal market. LexisNexis Newsdesk, Manzama, Bloomberg Law Convergence ( no longer being sold  – but well liked) and Vable (formally branded as Linex) each have some share of the legal market. Moving to a new aggregation platform takes a lot of planning, a thorough RFP process and a careful migration plan if alerts need to be moved from a legacy platform. Based on my experience, overall cost, the ability to ingest the majority of the alert sources and a powerful management platform are among the most critical factors weighing into the product selection decision. Will the AI enabled “lawyer brain” results give Ozmosys an edge?  We shall see…

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. has launched additional analytics and visualization in  IPO Vital Signs on RBsource Filings. The  new features offer interactive tables and graphics for  the visualization of IPO metrics. The interactive graphics  enable users to drill down to subsegments of the market or activity by specific law firms.

“The IPO market continues to show strong activity in 2022, and as new regulations and disclosure requirements are emerging and impacting the space, we want to provide our customers with efficient access to actionable information to enable a seamless IPO Continue Reading Wolters Kluwer Bulks Up IPO Vital Signs With Analytics, Visualizations and SPAC Insights

Lex Machina has launched a new module of Legal Analytics for federal courts of appeal (“Appellate Analytics”). The module adds nearly 400,000 circuit court cases from across all 13 federal circuits. Until now the majority of federal analytics products have covered  trial courts — federal district courts. Litigators will be excited to learn that there is finally a source for federal appellate analytics.

Appellate Analytics offers standard Lex Machina interface and features as well as new Continue Reading Lex Machina Launches Federal Appellate Analytics

Today Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.  relaunched the Manual IP within Kluwer IP Law. Manual IP is  a powerful “how to” guide for compliance explaining the IP procedures and laws  for Intellectual Property application in 238 jurisdictions. The innovative redesign of Manual IP  allows IP professionals to quickly locate specific procedural answers.

“For IP professionals, having access to the correct information in a quick and efficient manner is crucial, and as a customer-centric organization, we are committed to delivering resources and content at the point of need,” said David Bartolone, Vice President and Continue Reading Wolters Kluwer Launches Manual IP for International IP Filings and Compliance

 BriefCatch, an award-winning, patented legal writing tool,  is  launching  of BriefCatch 3 today. BriefCatch now offers over 11,000 legal focused edits and performs realtime rescans of new edits. The software is now compatible with Mac,  Windows and Word Online software.  BriefCatch 3 offers a rebuilt rules engine, which is enhanced with Natural Language Processing and AI.

During a recent demo founder Ross Guberman, walked me through a demo and I was impressed. Law is a language intensive deadline driven profession. Associates often face tight deadlines. I know what it is like to become blind to editorial mistakes. Using Brief Catch is Continue Reading BriefCatch 3  Offers 11,000 AI and NLP Enabled  Editorial Suggestions to Streamline and Tighten Legal Writing

This week Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory  announced the appointment of Atul Dubey as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.., effective April 1.

Atul succeeds Dean Sonderegger, who was named Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Canada and Research & Learning U.S. Maria Montenegro succeeds Atul Dubey as Wolters Kluwer’s Senior Vice President, Strategy & Innovation.

Atul joined Wolters Kluwer in 2016 as Chief Strategy Officer, working closely with the Executive Board in leading the development of the company’s strategies to successfully drive growth and transformation with a focus on expert solutions. Atul’s expertise in customer-focused innovation —- journey to the cloud and go-to-market transformation. As head of LRUS, Atul will work with the team in focusing on new growth opportunities for the business.  As head of LRUS, Atul will work with the team in focusing on new growth opportunities for the business.

“We are delighted to have Atul lead the Legal & Regulatory U.S. business,” said Martin O’Malley, CEO, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory. “With Atul’s expertise in customer-focused innovation and transformative technologies, he will accelerate our delivery of new value to our customers.”

“It is a privilege to lead the talented team at LRUS and to continue to serve our valued customers with expertise and excellence,” said Atul. “With our strong customer focus and ongoing investment in both expert content and software solutions, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to help our customers achieve the best outcomes for them and their customers.”

Before joining Wolters Kluwer, Atul has had a strong track record in developing and expanding businesses in the fintech space with leadership roles at Citigroup and S&P Global Ratings.

About Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.

Wolters Kluwer (WKL) is a global leader in professional information, software solutions, and services for the healthcare; tax and accounting; governance, risk and compliance; and legal and regulatory sectors. We help our customers make critical decisions every day by providing expert solutions that combine deep domain knowledge with specialized technology and services.

Wolters Kluwer reported 2021 annual revenues of €4.8 billion. The group serves customers in over 180 countries, maintains operations in over 40 countries, and employs approximately 19,800 people worldwide. The company is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

Wolters Kluwer shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam (WKL) and are included in the AEX and Euronext 100 indices. Wolters Kluwer has a sponsored Level 1 American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program. The ADRs are traded on the over-the-counter market in the U.S. (WTKWY).

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I wrote my first post about Voxgov in 2017 I described it as “ as Goldmine of Hidden US Government Insights and Trends.”  Voxgov is one of those products that I wish I had thought up myself. Founder, Robert Dessau an Australian lawyer working in New York recognized  that US government documents are gold mine of valuable research and data, but  it was not always easy to locate.  The Voxgov database monitors the websites and issuances of over 9,000 federal government offices. The database now includes 75 million documents. Approximately 7 million new documents are ingested and processed each year. All of these documents are tagged using Natural Language Processing  ((NLP) to enable researchers to figure out what has the government said on any topic at any time.

I recently spoke with Dessau to learn about some exiting new features  and content sets that that improve the precision of search Continue Reading VoxGov Leverages NLP to Expose U.S. Government Reports, Data and YouTube Channels

Legaltech Hub which released in 2020 has been redesigned and is offering new content. The new interface is more user friendly and intuitive.  There is  a new “highly user-focused taxonomy,.” The directory has expanded from covering technology to including service offerings for  the people who support technology implementation and adoption. The events directory has been refreshed for 2022.
Legatech Hub Portal

New categories on the site include consultants, ALSPs, and people – including both recruiting agents and recruiting tools. Legal research is now a much deeper category.  According to LTH co-founder, Nikki Shaver the powerful keyword search remains, allowing users to

Continue Reading Legaltech Hub 2.0 Launches New Insights into Legal Tech and Services Market

Bill Carter, ALM Global CEO

Bill Carter had a lot to celebrate during Legalweek 2022. After a two year pandemic hiatus Legalweek, the ALM sponsored international legal technology conference went live in New York. On March 9th Carter took to the stage to announce the rebrand on ALM Media to ALM Global LLC. The name change to ALM Global highlights the company’s  evolution from a US focused media company to a global platform covering international legal news and business.

On March 5th  ALM launched a free  special report hub outside the normal “pay wall.” War in Ukraine: Tracking the Conflict’s Reverberations Across the Legal Industry,  houses all of their continuing coverage related to the war in Ukraine and its implications for the legal industry.

I spoke with Carter last week about new developments at ALM Global and the state of the legal news market. Carter is bullish on ALM’s global advantage, pointing to  the continuing growth of The ALM Global suite of products,  the use of AI in delivering insights and the expansion of their readership.

News Radar and Trend Detection. At the last live Legalweek event in 2020, ALM launched Legal Radar, an innovative news service offering real time updates on new federal litigation and news in a personalized interface. The tool was expanded to include corporate Continue Reading ALM Global, CEO Bill Carter On Growth, Innovation and Competition in Legal News

LexisNexis Legal & Professional®,  is releasing a new API Developer Portal which will enables law firms and legal departments to integrate Lexis proprietary legal content,  news,  dockets, business data, and analytics from a variety LN products into firm portals, dashboards and workflows.  Business intelligence has been one of the hottest areas of law firm investment and innovation. For years I have criticized Lexis for accumulating a offering a federation of wonderful products sitting in separate platforms. At least 5 year’s ago CEO Mike Walsh assured me that they were building a Lexis ecosystem. Well today they have surpassed that promise by allowing customers to select content from across that ecosystem and weave it into internal systems in order  to streamline workflow and enhance insights

In a recent demo of the API’s Jeff Pfeifer Chief Product Officer, LexisNexis North America and UK  indicated that 90% of Lexis data is now available through the Lexis API’s, The goal is to meet customer’s where they work and provide them with and enriched workflow Continue Reading LexisNexis Unveils API Developer Portal to Enhance Business Intelligence and Workflow