Jean is a unique and important voice in the large law, librarian, and legal technology and innovation communities. There are not many journalists who care about legal technology so much that they write about it, raise challenging questions and, perhaps more significantly, do the hard work necessary to keep themselves fluent in emerging technologies. I believe that these voices are critically important to the legal community overall.

Jean brings a unique perspective. she’s an experienced end user, but also someone who is a careful follower of legal trends, and issues affecting law firm reputation, budget and business success. Her blog is an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the same.

Charlotte Rushton, Managing Director, US Law Firms


“Jean O’Grady is one of the foremost legal market visionaries. Her insight on knowledge management, law libraries, and legal research is unparalleled. I always look forward to reading her blog posts – I learn a lot from them.”

–Ron Friedmann, Partner, Fireman & Company, Blogger at Strategic Legal Technology Blog


Dewey B Strategic is a must-read resource. If you want to understand the fast-moving world of legal information, you need to start right here.”

–Ed Walters, CEO, Fastcase


“Jean and her widely-loved Dewey B Strategic blog have provided invaluable support to so many of us looking to bring new technology into the profession. It is one of the few places I check every day to stay abreast of the legal tech field.”

–Pablo Arredondo, Co-Founder and Chief Legal Research Officer, Casetext


“I check Dewey B Strategic every morning. The blog is a must-read for anyone who needs to understand critical developments in legal innovation, technology, and knowledge management. The site’s continuing influence and relevance is a testament to its author, Jean O’Grady, whose unique insight and extensive knowledge are unparalleled in the legal profession.”

–Dean Sonderegger, VP Legal Markets & Innovation,Wolters Kluwer, Legal and Regulatory U.S.

“Jean O’Grady’s insights into the landscape and future of legal tech and legal information have been spot-on, making her Dewey B Strategic blog a must-read for the industry. She is an optimistic, reliable, and realistic knowledge strategist who makes all the connections between big ideas and specific practice.

–Lucy Curci-Gonzalez, Executive Director, New York Law Institute


“Dewey B Strategic is a must read blog for knowledge management and informational professionals who want to be in the know about the latest technology tools relevant to legal practice and trends shaping the changing legal landscape.

–Steve Lastres, Dir. of Research and Knowledge Management Services, Debevoise & Plimpton


“I rely upon Dewey B Strategic to help me stay informed about the legal community in general, and our profession in particular. Jean is a great forecaster. Her sharp insights are delivered with humor, and with an eye on the future we can claim for ourselves if we will.”

–Keith Ann Stiverson, Director of the Library/Senior Lecturer, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law


“You can’t be in legal tech without understanding the importance of Dewey B Strategic. As a thought leader and avid tech reviewer, Jean’s words are heard in the board rooms of every legaltech company because they have such influence in law firms across the county.”

–Josh Becker, CEO, Lex Machina


“Jean O’Grady, author of Dewey B Strategic, has been an important and influential voice within the world of law for many years. She both tracks and influences the evolving legal publishing and tech environment, and her opinion plays a major role in these spaces.”

–David Lat, Founder, Above the Law, Author of Supreme Ambitions


“Jean O’Grady is a pioneer in citizen journalism in every sense of the word. Her blog, Dewey B Strategic is recognized across the legal profession for its keen insight and commentary on legal innovation, legal services products, information management and more. When O’Grady talks, people in legal listen.

–Kevin O’Keefe, CEO & Founder, Lexblog