Rich Leiter the host of Law Librarian Conversations has invited the PLL Board  (including myself) to be guests on the show at 1pm est. today, October 23. The chat room will be available at the show’s website.

Here are some of the topics to be discussed: 

The PLL Board has proposed that members consider changing the name of the Private Law Libraries SIS to a name focused on the future of the profession rather than the past.
I outlined my thoughts on this issue in the PLL newsletter. “What’s in a name?”  

How are things changing in law firms that effect library services? What is the
new normal? 

The  Success of the PLL Summit 

How are firm libraries changing? 

What should we academics know about what our students will be doing in your
firms that they don’t know? What kinds of research skills do students need
today? Is it true that firms are canceling all print formats of materials?


Listen or Talk : Here is the link to the link to the show for people who want
to listen in: Listeners
who want to call in and “Join the conversation” can call in at