I have compiled a list of the most popular Dewey B Strategic  posts of 2013. Several themes run through the year. Innovation and reinvention are driving both law firms and legal publishing. There is a “David and Goliath” theme with new legal publishers challenging the dominant players — this theme emerges as well for law firms in the ALM surveys and Bruce MacEwen’s PLL Summit speech. Big Data, efficiency,

consolidation are everywhere. Legal information professionals are rising to the challenge of reinventing and expanding their roles from “library centric management” to more strategic advocacy and advisory roles… driving the flow of knowledge  through all aspects of  the business and practice of law.

Most Popular: I have to confess with some astonishment that the runaway hit  in 2013 was a light hearted post which I wrote out of curiosity about an ATM machine for recycling old phones which I had heard about on a trip to California. The post ” An Encounter with an ecoATM: It’s Not Easy Being Green.” is now the answer people get on “Ask.com” when they inquire about the ecoATM. I think its a great concept and I assume they have smoothed out some of the kinks I encountered a year ago.

Personal Favorite: My personal favorite was a “flash back” piece which I hoped would provide some historical context to the current “lean in” success strategy for female professionals.  “Before Women Could Lean-In, The Good Girls Had to Revolt.”

Here is the popular list in chronological order.
Happy New Year! — Jean O’Grady