Earlier this year I wrote a post  which noted the paucity of female executives in legal publishing. Wolters Kluwer was the only major  publisher to have not only a female CEO, Nancy McKinstry but many female leaders of its publishing units.Today Thomson Reuters announced the appointment of Susan Taylor Martin as the new President of Thomson Reuters Legal. I applaud the promotion of a new female executive to a top leadership
role in legal publishing.

Ms. Taylor Martin is currently managing director of Thomson Reuters Legal in the UK and Ireland. She joined the company in 1993 and has held a variety of leadership roles within a number of businesses, including global head of Corporate Strategy at Reuters and president of Reuters Media.
Now For the Questions

It is impossible to second-guess the internal decisions of an organization. Yet I find it somewhat hard to fathom why less than a year after outgoing president Mike Suchsland,   made the bold pronouncement that TR Legal was no longer in the content business, he is well,  out!  He didn’t just announce a new direction, it was accompanied by two new cloud based and process centric platforms, Concourse for In House Counsel and Firm Central for small law firms.

Will Ms Martin remain in the UK or will she relocate to the TR Legal  headquarters in Egan Minnesota? Does her selection suggest a shift away from a US focus? Is the US market regarded as so mature that TR will focus on the development of non-US legal products?

I tried to reach TR to get clarification and have not heard back, so for tonight we are left with the questions.

Congratulations to Ms. Martin as well as to  Basil Moftah who has been appointed president of Intellectual Property & Science; Gonzalo Lissarrague who has been appointed president of Global Growth & Operations (GGO).

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