BNA has released a new app for iPhones and Android phones designed to provide
Bloomberg Law subscribers with timely, personalized content. The app is
available to Bloomberg Law subscribers at no additional charge from the App
Store and Google Play.

other legal apps, this Blaw app doesn’t attempt to support the legal research
process. It is designed to do a few things really well. And these few things are
of particular interest to a commuting
lawyer or a lawyer with a few minutes in between meetings. Read a news feed on
a client, scan the latest corporate rumors, check out a company profile for an
upcoming meeting. Look up  bio of a judge
a attorney and executive. Scan the BNA Newsletter headlines and read stories of
interest.  According to  Joe Breda, Executive Vice President, Product, at Bloomberg BNA“ This new app brings not only an added mobility to their service,
but was designed to specifically deliver actionable, personalized content,
seamlessly from the app to desktop and back again.”  The “value add” of this app is the promise of bringing productivity to “down time” by overcoming frustration points such as  lost  network connections or
time in a reception area.

 One of
the features which I think is particularly useful is the automatic synching between a
lawyer’s document queue in Bloomberg Law and the app. Any document that a lawyer
has added to their reading queue when using BLaw will automatically synch to the app and will be
available for review even when a phone is in “airplane mode” or loses its
network connection

The new
Bloomberg Law app allows users to:

news and analysis targeted to their interests

news, litigation, and market performance of clients, prospects, and other
companies on their Watchlist

Read BNA
Law Reports and get email notifications

the latest Bloomberg Law alerts for legal and news searches

legal documents and news articles within their reading Queue – online or
offline – and maximize workflow efficiency with documents seamlessly synched
between desktop and mobile app

track dockets, opinions or bills in their interest areas

legal documents and news with other Bloomberg Law subscribers

Law, Bloomberg BNA’s flagship legal and business intelligence, news, and
research platform, is designed for leading legal professionals who are focused
on delivering superior client service. By integrating news, company and
financial data with exceptional analysis, primary and secondary legal research,
and business development tools, Bloomberg Law delivers an advantage to legal
professionals handling the most complex legal matters.


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