Lee Pacchia formerly of Bloomberg TV launched a new web based TV program  “Mimesis Law” which focuses on the the business and practice of law.  He plans to partner with law firms, law schools and other legal service providers to create new streams of web video content.

Lee kicks off  with an interview with  consultant Kent Zimmermann of the Zeughauser Group. Zimmerman discusses the  indictment of several Dewey & LeBoeuf  leaders, the reasons for the Dewey collapse and the implications of the collapse and indictment for other firms.. Other topics include revenue results for 2013, changes in the competitive legal landscape and the spectacular performance of some  regional firms.

The program has all the high production quality of the Bloomberg interviews.  Pacchia  is  lawyer and has  interviewed a wide swath of law firm partners, academics and consultants at his last gig,  He has a command of the issues and moves the discussion along.. Invest a few minutes and come away with some insights.

I am looking forward to the next installment. Good Luck Lee!