We all new it was coming. It was just a question of when. LexisNexis announced today that it  has rebranded one of it’s recent  acquisitions Knowledge Mosaic as Lexis Securities Mosaic.

At the time of the acquisition in January 2013 I wrote a post What Did Lexis Buy and Why Did They Buy it? What Will They Do With It?

Why Knowledge Mosaic? At the time, I asked Lexis executives why they purchased KM since Lexis already included much of the same securities regulatory materials in the Lexis system. The Lexis executives indicated that they were interested in acquiring the  KM expertise and the processes for tagging and mark up of regulatory materials which they recognize as uniquely tailored to securities research. The KM staff has a unique knowledge of the needs of securities researchers.Lieber also pointed out that KM had expanded well beyond SEC materials and that KM had unique approaches to collecting a wide array of federal agency materials. They had also amassed a collection of special agency documents which were not widely available. It appears that Lexis has followed though on many of their plans for Knowledge Mosaic.The new Securities Mosaic has moved from being a searchable database to an intuitive platform focused on the practitioners workflow.

What’s New?In addition to the name change, Lexis Securities Mosaic includes some additional changes:

  • The Interface is more “lexis-like”
  • The screen is more intuitive
  • Canadian SEDAR filings were added
  • “Quick Search” feature allows users to quickly pull
  • SEC Filings
  •  No Action Letters
  •  Private Placement Documents
  • SEDAR filings
  • The Home page provides feeds of SEC updates, law firm memos and global news.
  • The website includes this video overview:


    After Knowledge Mosaic. Securities Mosaic was the original name of the product. It was rebranded as  Knowledge Mosaic because the publisher had added an additional newsletter: Communications Mosaic. At this point it is not clear whether the Communications  product will be discontinued or rebranded and released in a separate platform.