Last call for ideas for the 2016 American Association of Law Libraries Conference. AALL Members have until Monday August  17th to participate.

A Simpler Crowdsourced Process
If you have ever submitted an idea in the past — it was a fairly complicated process requiring you the identify all aspects of the program including speakers in advance. The new “crowdsourced” platform called  Ideascale,  allows any AALL member to contribute ideas “anonymously” or with attribution. All that is required is a working title for the program and a few sentences describing what should be covered.

Or Just  Vote On Other People’s Ideas. If you have no ideas  to contribute you can still vote on other ideas which have been submitted. I suggest you start with the most recently submitted ideas. Also look at ideas that are sorted by “campaigns” or topics.
The  Campaigns or Topics include:
  • Business of law
  • Research
  • Leadership, Administration and Career Training
  • Education and training
  • Marketing, Communications and Advocacy
  • Data & Content Management

The time is now, the process has never been easier. Register  here to participate now.