Wolters Kluwer  has won the “Brexit  Legal Publishing Sweeps” with their  title “Britain Alone! Implications and Consequences of United Kingdom Exit from the EU”
When the citizens of the UK voted in favor of leaving the
European Union last week, they unleashed a firestorm of “news” and commentary consisting
to two major elements- a litany of negative speculations and a conclusion which
can be summed up as “no one really knows.”  One legal publisher who I spoke to today
confessed to having “Brexit fatigue.”   The need for solid legal commentary and analysis will not abate any time soon. The market is ready for some deep legal analysis from experts, how will the major legal publishers respond? Have they already responded? I took a brief tour of their websites to see what may be in their publishing pipelines.
Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised when a colleague
pointed out to me that Wolters Kluwer International had already published a book in January 2016:  Britain Alone! Implications and Consequences of United Kingdom Exit from the EU.
Wolters Kluwer which is based in the Netherlands also has a  Brexit Web page…in Dutch… so I can’t tell you what it offers.
Thomson Reuters Legal’s
website provides a link to a page containing Reuters news on Brexit:
UK votes for Brexit – which is part of the Reuters News site. The TR publications “catalog”
lists a few general EU titles and the digital version of the “Official Journal
of the EU” which contains the laws and regulations of the EU.
RELX which owns LexisNexis is also a European based company,
had nothing on their website mentioning Brexit.
BloombergBNA a search of the publications catalog on the
BloombergBNA website failed to identify any Brexit related publications.
Just to be clear, all of the major legal publishers are publishing stories and commentaries
about Brexit in their existing newsletters and news sources,
but there is no indication
on their public websites  that they are planning to offer any specialized Brexit publications.
Other Sources
The Peace Palace Library Not a source I am familiar with, offered  the most extensive “bibliography
of Brexit titles” on the web. I have no idea if these are unbiased treatments or political
Amazon  seems to offer more Brexit t-shirts than Brexit
books. It was almost impossible to determine the quality of the books listed on
Amazon.Are these “vanity publications?  I couldn’t find the name of a publisher
or a publication date for most  the books listed on Amazon .I find it surprising that Amazon which started out as a book
seller, no longer provides easy intuitive access to the most fundamental
bibliographic data.
Google Books – Google also lists a few Brexit titles. To
Google’s credit – it was easy to identify the name of the publisher and
publication dates for the books they list.
Which Legal Publisher Will Launch the First Brexit
Your guess is as good as mine.


Whenever a “hot” legal topic emerges –specialized legal
newsletters soon follow. I could spout a litany of transient topics which have spawned dedicated newsletters. “The
Alaska Oil Spill Law Reporter” emerged as the gash in the Exxon
Valdez was fouling the Alaskan coastline. My favorite specialty newsletter was the “ BNA Y2K Law Reporter” which anticipated a flood of
litigation from the worldwide crises triggered when computers running electrical grids, transportation systems, elevators,
hydroelectric dams cascaded through serial malfunctions at midnight on December 31, 1999. BNA
quietly rebranded  the newsletter as “the
Computer Law Reporter”  in early 2000.


 Legal publishers, please feel free to email me with any additional information if you have already published a resources which I missed or if you are working on a Brexit  treatise or newsletter to be published in the future.