Last week Ravel Law announced a significant new enhancement to their caselaw research product. This new feature will enable subscribers to filter caselaw by  more than 90 motion types. Cases can now be searched by motion,  topic or  US Code section citations.
Ravel’s Motion Filters
Ravel employs advanced search algorithms to provide unique visual analytics in displaying caselaw search results.
Ravel Caselaw Analytics
Free the Law   Last year Ravel  partnered with the Harvard Law School on as special project to make all US caselaw available to the public. Ravel offers a free caselaw platform which currently includes all federal caselaw and the complete archive of caselaw from several states. They are working with the Harvard Law Library to complete the scanning of approximately 40 million pages of cases from the Law Library collection. The project is scheduled for completion in 2017.
Ravel also offers premium subscribers a “judges analytics” module which provides insights into judges precedential behavior in writing opinions.