Just in case you are not tuning out any mention of the 2016 Presidential Election– I recently learned that LexisNexis has posted  an interactive 2016 Presidential Election News  Tracker Page. The page shows coverage trends  for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,  and  the Vice Presidential Candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. It also charts, share of voice, and provides word cloud of  campaign hashtag topics. Users can interact with the charts and drill down to read stories.

The Campaign  Page is showcasing some of the new data visualization capabilities which LexisNexis offers in it’s NewsDesk curation product.  Charts are generated from an analysis of print, broadcast and web coverage of candidates. Interactive charts enable users to dig into  “share of voice” and geographic coverage of each candidate.

 The topic tracker illustrated below,  shows how much discussion is devoted to hot topics such as gun control or education over the most recent 30 days.

There is also a free Presidential Campaign Tracker App which is downloadable from iTunes.

Lawyers Need to Interact With Information in New Ways. Perhaps the most important aspect of this microsite is that it invites users to interact with information in ways that have not been possible in the “Boolean” online research world. It is important for lawyers to get comfortable with interactive analytics products that this is a public website that provides a no cost introduction to the new world of interactive data and visualization.