The most popular posts of 2016 focus on innovative products leveraging Augmented Intelligence, analytics and advanced algorithms to enhance productivity. Another theme focused on the transformation of law libraries and the role of information professionals.1. Westlaw  answers looks a lot like AI to me. Westlaw releases major new features: and it’s all in your contract. 

2. BloombergBNA Maybe the Fault is not in the Gatekeepers but in Your Product Strategy?

3. Breaking news Thompson Reuters reveals non-material case for errors: offers customer remedies: prepare for incoming!

4. Thompson Reuters re-brands as “the answer company” leveraging Watson unveils E discovery point, practice point and perm id

5. Start Stop Survey Product Results: Ravel Judges Analytics and Wolters Kluwer’s Cheetah Voted Best Products.

6.  LexisNexis Acquires Intelligize: Intelligize +Lex Machina =A Bigger Data Play?

7. Throwing law firm intelligence out with the books?

8. American Lawyer 2016 library survey: libraries are still shrinking: please rename the survey in 2017 so you can ask new questions?

9. Lex Machina Launches New “Easy Button” Analytics Apps To Compare Judges, Courts and Law Firms

10. Practice point: Thompson Reuters promises trusted answers and workflow tools what the transactional lawyer

11.  Citation fingerprints, celestial footnotes and opinion sourcing: Casetext launches CARA

12.  BloombergBNA Launches Litigation Analytics: Should Lex Machina Be Worried?

13.  Ravel Law Enhances Caselaw Search with Motion Filters

14.  BloombergBNA Leadership change: Strategic Insights from CEO Greg McCaffery, and Legal Division President Scott Mozarsky.

15.  Lex Machina launches antitrust litigation module and  Releases Report on Antitrust Litigation. 

16.  Thomson Reuters Contract Express: Document Assembly Made Easy.

17. The first legal publisher offering the Brexit book is€¦ Wolters Kluwer: who will launch the first Brexit newsletter?

18. Free legal information is not risk free for attorneys or the public: the Glassmeyer state legal information census examined.

19.  The first serial legal entrepreneur strikes again: Gary Sangha , Intelligize founder launches  Lex check computational linguistics for legal drafting.

20. AALL Releases Digital White Paper: Defiing ROI: Law Library Best Practices