In several prior posts I have reported on how legal publishers are preparing to cover the legislative and regulatory impact of the Trump Administration. Scott Roberts,  VP and General Manager of Law 360 Lexis Legal News provided the following summary written by the Law360 editors highlighting  the Trump Administration issues to be featured in  upcoming Law360 newsletters:
 Law360 Prepares:
The impact of a Trump presidency on the legal industry is likely to be significant and immediate. He has been clear about his desire to roll back and in some cases completely revamp a slew of regulations, which will likely lead to a serious uptick in legal work as companies work to understand the new rules and head towards implementation and compliance. 

As for specifics, Law360 will be closely watching these areas for immediate impact:

Supreme Court nomination: The most memorable impact on the legal community of a Trump presidency is expected to be the configuration of the Supreme Court. With at least one guaranteed Supreme Court justice pick and possibly others to follow over the next 4 (if not 8) years, President Trump could fundamentally alter the makeup of the Court for decades to come. His picks are expected to be conservative and business friendly.
President Trump has indicated that he will announce his SCOTUS pick within a a few weeks following inauguration. Law360 will cover his pick from a number of angles, ranging from the nominee’s likelihood of winning confirmation to the new justice’s likely impact on the court’s ideological makeup.
Repealing & Replacing the Affordable Care Act: President Trump has vowed to completely overhaul Obamacare, if not do away with it completely. Law360 will be covering the actual process of repealing and replacing the bill on Capitol Hill — and perhaps even more interesting for our readers, we’ll cover how the attorneys for health insurers, doctors, hospitals and all the other people and businesses impacted by the legislation are handling the changes and bracing for the aftermath. 

Immigration: This is another area that President Trump had signaled to impact from Day 1 and we’ll be watching closely to see how this is approached. In particular, it’s expect that President Trump will rescind immigration-related executive orders made by former President Obama. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — which protects adults who were brought illegally to the US when they were children — is one that President Trump could jettison right off the bat. 

International Trade: President Trump pledged to renegotiate or exit a host of trade agreements, perhaps most notably NAFTA, during his campaign. He’s also threatened to impose hefty tariffs on companies that move manufacturing jobs overseas. 
EPA & Climate Change: It’s also expected that President Trump will likely move to defang the EPA and possibly exit or somehow alter the Paris Agreement on climate change. Environmental issues tend to be highly litigious and many anticipate lawsuits to follow if such efforts are pursued by the Trump administration.
While almost no area is “off limits” to potential scrutiny by the incoming Trump administration, Law360 expects these key topics to be the first reforms targeted following [last] Friday’s transition of power.