Correction: The original post which was distributed via RSS contained a mislabeled screenshot which has been corrected below. The “redliner” is a Wolters Kluwer feature, not a BNA feature. Jean

Wolters Kluwer and BloombergBNA’s editorial teams have built their editorial credibility on comprehensive and exacting tracking of US regulatory changes. The incoming Trump administration appears to be poised to shake up the established regulatory framework through both deregulation and statutory repeal. I reached out to executives at Wolters Kluwer and BloombergBNA to find out how they are preparing for the Trump Dereguation Agenda. Although both publishers suggest that preparation for this  transition  of government is “business as usual,” both publishers have issued special reports. In addition, Wolters Kluwer is planning some major editorial enhancements to existing products that will make tracking regulatory changes easier.

Dean Sonderegger, Wolters Kluwer’s  VP& GM, Legal Markets & Innovation provided a  statement from the WK editorial team:

Wolters Kluwer is poised to cover the legislative and regulatory impact of the incoming Trump Administration with the same level of timely, comprehensive, and objective analysis that has been our mainstay for decades. Ted Trautmann, Editor-in-Chief, states: “Nothing will change in our approach. What is different, however, is the magnitude of the new agenda — from repeal of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank, to massive reform of current tax, immigration, energy, and trade policy, to the rollback of signature rulemaking initiatives of the Labor Department, EPA, and other agencies, as well as many Obama Administration executive orders.” These potential changes, explained in a recent Wolters Kluwer white paper, are so sweeping as to warrant heightened vigilance to help our customers plan and prepare. Whatever awaits, the Wolters Kluwer team of experts is ready to help organizations navigate the changing regulatory landscape.

Wolters Kluwer Regulation Redliner

Right now Wolters Kluwer is not planning any new products to address the change in administration. Their statement underscored “our ongoing commitment to diligently track changes and update our customers as quickly as is possible…we do believe that it’s important to address the workflow that  attorneys and researchers utilize when dealing with legislative changes. To that end, we are enhancing our products that track regulatory events to enable researchers to quickly determine changes to laws, regulations and guidance and comparing those changes to particular points-in-time in the past.” In January, Wolters Kluwer will release  an enhancement to the Standard Federal Tax Reporter which they are calling “Standard Fed Plus.”

WK Standard Fed Plus -” Point in Time”  Changes

Here is a description of the product from the upcoming press release:
“Standard Fed Plus is a first-to-market, centralized, online product that helps tax professionals understand U.S. federal tax law changes. Standard Fed Plus provides point-in-time analysis that enables legal professionals to see legal tax changes in context, with redlining capability to visually show where changes have occurred at a point-in-time or to compare differences in the laws, regulations, guidance or commentary between points-in-time. It also includes a calendar feature to help attorneys more accurately and quickly research changes in the tax law back to 1986 and on a weekly basis going forward. The exclusive redlining feature of the Standard Fed Plus provides tax attorneys with a solution that increases the accuracy, efficiency and speed of legal tax research to enable them to more quickly understand legal tax changes and provide more accurate tax advice to clients. 

The BloombergBNA Approach: Outlook Reports

I  also asked BloombergBNA’s  new President Scott Mozarsky if Bloomberg BNA was making any special preparations for the Trump Administration. According to Mozarsky “Bloomberg BNA’s D.C.-based bureau of reporters and editors
will closely track Trump administration regulatory and enforcement changes in
all the key federal agencies.   In fact, before the election we were
reporting on what a Trump administration might do moving forward. “

Bloomberg Law subscribers will be able to get an early
preview of Trump’s agenda in a series of Outlook 2017 special reports,
including agencies regulating financial services, labor and employment,
international trade, privacy, health care, environment, the tech sector, and
telecommunications. Additionally, live events have been planned around several
topics that will feature Bloomberg BNA experts and thought leaders (see
Bloomberg BNA’s Outlook 2017 website for more information).

Here is the list of Outlook reports currently posted on Bloomberg’s Website.

For other topics, in addition to news coverage, Bloomberg
Law offers specialized regulatory alerts to monitor agency activities. Mozarsky noted that  the anticipated to the Affordable Care Act  will be tracked in
Bloomberg Law’s Federal Health Care Regulatory Alert  and environmental agencies can be closely tracked with the EHS Federal Regulatory Alert.

Bloomberg BNA is also releasing several regulatory trackers following federal
and state regulatory activity related to emerging technologies. Bloomberg Law
subscribers have access to these unique resources that cross jurisdictions and
agencies for technologies that will reshape industries. Examples include
autonomous vehicles and fintech.