The AALL Conference Exhibit Hall gives attendees the chance to take a long and winding stroll thought aisles lined with vendors promoting the latest innovations and offering a “first look” at new products. It is a festival of food, swag and serendipitous encounters with old colleagues as well as the chance to meet new ones. I especially value the opportunity for a one-on-one engagement with vendors and a quick tutorial on a on a hot new product. Since the major legal vendors dominate the Exhibit Hall at AALL, it is easy to overlook the first time vendors with unfamiliar names and unknown products.

I thought it would be interesting to take a peek at the twelve new exhibitors at the 2017 Conference and provide some insights into products. This post will be written in two parts. Part one focuses on vendors offering products for litigation, corporate and IP Practice needs.
I recommend that taking a close look at each of these vendors. Even though you may have a product which covers the same legal issues you are likely to discover that each of these vendors is offering a unique type of service or analysis of an old problem. Many of these vendors are offering AI driven and custom solutions. Stop by and welcome these new exhibitors to the AALL exhibit call in Austin.

Click here to see a complete list of exhibitors.

I have only used the products of two of these new vendors Casetext and VoxGov (which will be covered in Part 2 of this post). Information for the remaining vendors is taken from their websites.


In what may be a first, the AALL “New Product of the Year” award went to a start-up Casetext CARA – a feat all the more remarkable since they had no official presence at AALL in 2016. Last year many attendees including myself met Pablo Arredondo, who was walking the halls and providing on the fly demos.

I asked Jake Heller, President of Casetext why he thought it was exhibit at AALL. “Law librarians are the world’s true experts in all things legal research and they have been an integral part of CARA’s development and deployment. Particularly considering CARA being honored as new product of the year, we thought this was a great time to launch our inaugural AALL booth. We look forward to seeing everyone there!”
Casetext which offers free caselaw research, access to analytical memos from 150 law firms and a “crowd sourced “citator called “We-cite” is launching their first “fee based” product:CARA. Casetext currently includes over 7 million primary documents including case law from all 50 states. CARA stands for Case Analysis Research Assistant. CARA is very easy to use. All a lawyer has to do is drag and drop a brief into CARA. Instead of searching with keywords, CARA uses the entire brief as the query. CARA data-mines the brief by extracting both the text and the citations from the document. The CARA analysis looks at direct relationships and “implied” relationships between the cited cases in the brief and related opinions in the Casetext database. CARA uses latent semantic analysis to sort the results. The CARA results report includes a list of “suggested cases” and a CARA generated analysis of those cases.

Dispute Resolution Data

Dispute Resolution Data enables you to discover the value of arbitration and mediation through the DRD provides cost, time, and other valuable process information for users to formulate strategies that transform levels of service. exploration of aggregated international case data.

Aggregated dispute resolution data will provide professionals in the field with insight through historic and current geographic and case-type reports on dispute resolution claims, durations and processes. This information is valuable in assessing risk management and strategy.


focusedIP is the first to provide patent practitioners with a high-quality Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) decision database accessible by state-of-the-art search tools and data analytics. focusedIP is the only vendor that has generated a complete, accurate and reliable PTAB decision database. We have taken the time to ensure that our database accurately represents the complete body of published PTAB decisions – including the 100000+ plus PTAB Appeals, and not just the 2600+ AIA Trial Decisions.
GDE Mexico Legal

GDE Legal

“Through timely and proactive solutions we help your international ventures proceed efficiently and with minimal legal cost. We provide you with valuable information and develop practical tools to ensure you make the best business decisions.”


Uses AI to analyse filings for public companies.

Welcome to the 21st Century. Data Blending with MyLogIQ’s AI Powered Integrated Platform.

CIQ-CompanyIQ™ is a single integrated platform of multiple domains of information, which covers ALL public companies. It provides a comprehensive 360° profile of companies delivered in real time. Refer to the list on your right or click here. Our solution will help you cut costs and increase efficiency.

With CIQ-Company IQ™ you can perform concept based searches and quickly identify changes between documents. You can also pinpoint relevant peer or industry disclosures for any concept and access SIX other domains of information, not covered by other data providers.

Our CIQ-Company IQ™ cloud based software is the most robust research tool in the industry. We provide a 360° compliance perspective for ALL public companies.

Perception Partners

Perception partners describes three different types of services on their website. 1) Intell competitive monitoring, mines the deep web for innovation opportunities and IP risk. 2) IP search and 3) Monitor for counterfeits, brand protection services produce evidence of infringement to support takedown requests.
technology landscaping offers expert to map out IP strategy.
Social Media Information

Social Media Information (SMI is a managed service provider whose mission is to locate, investigate and preservive human information from social media and the web. “Our proprietary technology and team of in-house analysts allow us to produce actionable human intelligence reports and preserve web evidence efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy.”

This years conference will be held at The Austin Convention Center, July 15th to 18th in Austin Texas.