I recently authored the following article which appeared in the October issue of Thomson Reuter’s Practice Innovations.

Knowing Value: The Rise of the Law Firm Chief Knowledge Officer

This past July the American Lawyer published its first rebranded annual Survey of Law Firm Knowledge Management, Library, and Research Professionals and focused on the rise of the chief knowledge officer. The main article was entitled “Law Librarian? Try Chief Knowledge Officer” and it was accompanied by another article entitled “From Providing Data to Providing Insight.” Both of the articles focus on the emergence of librarians and information professionals as CKOs.

Knowledge professionals are faced with the challenge assessing a complex ecosystem of emerging tools offering artificial intelligence and analytics. The market is full of new products which offer law firms “magic bullet” solutions which promise provide to deliver a competitive advantage, streamlined workflow or “game changing” insights. They are on the front line of a workflow and intelligence revolution and bring their experience and expertise to the challenge of marrying external and internal content with, algorithms and curated data. New knowledge and intelligence responsibilities include: Competitive Intelligence, Legal Project Management, Lateral partner due diligence, Pricing and Pitching as well as the development of client facing solutions. Traditional responsibilities include knowledge database management, portal development and enterprise search. Read the full article HERE