Years ago I dreamed of inventing a product which could analyze various streams of news and business data in order to predict the next crisis or business opportunity. I never imagined that such a product would exist during my career.

Last week Manzama launched their Signals product which was designed to help law firms identify emerging business trends.  Signals is a kind of early warning system that will alert law firms to leading indicators of both risk and opportunity. The Signals  developers have been working with a group of law firm beta testers to refine the algorithms which can detect patterns and momentum from millions of news stories, court documents, public records, government activity and social media to detect emerging signals. When Peter Ozolin, the Founder and CEO of Manzama discussed the launch – he summed up the benefit of signals succinctly: “Read less– get deeper insights.”

Manzama has offered a “listening” platform which tracks, digests and delivers custom news alerts. Signals brings Manzama to the next level and moves clients from monitoring what has happened to anticipating what will happen.


Signals offers users a daily email summary of news, a “health score” on companies being tracked and dashboard which brings together multiple dimensions of data which users can interact with to explore variable factors which might impact a company.


Manzama Signals leverages  artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable users to obtain meaningful and actionable insights highlighting critical factors impacting corporate health.  Manzama evaluates the health of  companies across several factors: management, operations, financials, products and services, partners and competitors and government activities.According to the press release,” Manzama Signals will enable its users to develop a more relevant and complete picture of what’s happening with a company. Once news content about a company enters the Manzama system, Signals will analyze and classify it, natural language processing will automatically identify its valence – either negative or positive – in one of six operational (finance, partners, management, etc.) categories, and will return relevant, actionable knowledge, ready to be shared to users.”

Manzama Signals  reduces the volume of reading  required to monitor business development opportunities. Signals uses AI and machine learning to detect patterns, draw important conclusions and find opportunities, in order to enhance data-driven business development planning. “Many of our clients have expressed the need to shorten the business generation cycle, and while current awareness is critical to this process, the constant, un-ending volume of news presents a challenge to professionals and business developers alike. With Manzama Signals, we are able to offer a short-cut to action, and to help them read less and understand more about the events and trends that drive their clients’ and prospects’ businesses,” said Peter Ozolin, CEO and co-founder of Manzama.

The pressure on firms to strengthen existing client relationships  and develop new clients has never been greater.  Imagine the value of pitching a client before they even know they have a problem!