Today Fastcase is announcing the addition of the Littler Mendelson employment law practice materials to their growing portfolio of secondary sources and practice materials. Littler, is the largest global employment and labor law firm, and as far as I know they also have the largest collection of law firm authored treatises. The firm has a bookstore on their website. As of today, Fastcase will offer, 79 titles from the Littler Employer Law Library within the Fastcase legal research platform.. Fastcase subscribers will now see little materials in their search results. National titles include: Littler on Bankruptcy and Employment Law Issues, Littler on Disability in the Workplace, Littler on Classifying Workers: Employees v. Independent Contractors, Joint Employees, & Other Contingent Workforce Issues, and many more.

Scott Rechtschaffen, Littler’s Chief Knowledge Officer is quoted in the press release: “We are eager to share titles from the Littler library with Fastcase and provide a new publishing avenue for our legal authors.” In addition he points out the marketing benefits of this relationship which will introduce “the collective experience of Littler’s attorneys to the legal community and provide legal practitioners with another resource for employment law information.”

How Wil This Work?

  • Littler  titles will be available to purchase individually or as a complete set, which enables state and bar subscribers to mix and match federal titles with their  own state, or as a complete full state and federal subscription.
  • Enterprise subscriptions will have full firm access.
  • As publications are licensed (not part of Full Court Press), these publications are not available in print (Lexis has the rights to sell Littler via print and e-book).

Fastcase Roadmap to Secondary Sources. The Littler alliance is part of a larger Fastcase strategy to take on the dominant legal research platforms Lexis and Westlaw. Secondary sources are a key component to establishing competitiveness in this market. Littler’s library of employment law publications follows the addition of the Wolters Kluwer Treatise Library, expert blogs from LexBlog, and the recently launched Fastcase imprint, Full Court Press featuring RAIL: The Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Law, and the hiring of seasoned legal publishing executive Steve Errick as Fastcase COO in 2017. The press release explains that “The 2018 roadmap for Fastcase includes a rapid expansion of secondary libraries, featuring franchise authors who embrace Fastcase as a steward and distributor of their works.”

“People know Fastcase as a great legal research engine for primary law,” said Fastcase CEO Ed Walters, “and increasingly it’s a home for expert treatises and commentary as well. With Full Court Press, LexBlog, and legal industry experts like Littler, Fastcase is rapidly becoming a leader in secondary materials.”

The Littler titles now available on Fastcase include:


Littler on [State] Employment Law – 51 Total Titles
Littler on Background Screening & Privacy Rights in Hiring
Littler on Bankruptcy & Employment Law Issues
Littler on Classifying Workers: Employees v. Independent Contractors, Joint Employees, & Other Contingent Workforce Issues
Littler on Collective Bargaining
Littler on Corporate Restructuring: Employment & Labor Law Implications of Mergers, Acquisitions, Relocations, & Asset Sales
Littler on Data Protection & Release of Personal Information: HIPAA & Related Laws
Littler on Disability in the Workplace
Littler on Discrimination in the Workplace: Race, National Origin, Sex, Age & Genetic Information
Littler on Employee Arbitration Agreements
Littler on Employee Monitoring: Searches, Surveillance & Privacy Concerns
Littler on Employee Training
Littler on Employment Policies & the Employee Handbook
Littler on Employment Testing: Polygraphs, Mental & Physical Examinations, Drug Testing & Workplace Substance Abuse
Littler on Employment Torts: Wrongful Discharge & Other Employment Torts
Littler on Federal Wage & Hour Obligations
Littler on Government Contractors & Equal Opportunity Obligations
Littler on Harassment in the Workplace
Littler on I-9 Compliance & Work Authorization Visas
Littler on Leaves of Absence: Family, Medical & Pregnancy
Littler on Leaves of Absence: Military & Civic Duty Leaves
Littler on Legal Compliance Solutions for the Transformation of the Workplace Through Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation
Littler on Multinational Employers
Littler on Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
Littler on Protection of Business Information & Restrictive Covenants
Littler on Reductions in Force: Information for the Downsizing Employer
Littler on Religion in the Workplace
Littler on Union Organizing
Littler on Workplace Safety: Overview of Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act