Last week Bloomberg Law launched a new analytics tool, Health Care Fraud Analytics. A first of its kind tools offering insights into a very specific niche– health care fraud enforcement. The tool enables subscribers to search and filter health care fraud settlement agreements by court, entity, allegation, date which can be used to display trends in health care enforcement and settlements. The product also provides insights into whistle-blower suits and violation trends. Settlement analytics can be searched by law firm or corporate entity. These insights can be used for  knowledge management , business development  purposes as well as for client counseling.

Health Company Profile and News

John Maloney Commercial Director at Bloomberg Law provided me with a demo of the product. The benefits of the product include the aggregation of content which is technically “available” but not easy to locate and the consolidation of content which are derived from disparate sources. The Health Care Fraud Analytics tool is designed to assist lawyers in advising their clients on government enforcement trends,  compliance strategies and policies, and mitigating risks.

Bloomberg Law Health Care Settlement Analytics

The Settlement Agreements and Corporate Integrity Documents

The product provides legal analysis, practice guidance and analytics from civil settlements. The full text of almost 800 settlement agreements are available in one click.  In addition, the editors have tracked down Corporate integrity agreements which are incorporated by reference into many settlement agreements but are not part of the civil settlement document. Corporate Integrity Agreements are enforcement tools used by the Office of the Inspector General within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). These provide insights into restrictions and reporting requirements which the subject company must comply with.