Dear Colleagues and readers you must be asking yourselves:

What is a Blog-o-zine? It is word I made up to describe a print publication which includes  “best of” selection of  Dewey B Strategic  blog in 2017.

Why a print blog-o-zine?”  I, who have been an unrelenting advocate for digital information consumption have now pivoted to embrace a print representation of my 2017 blog posts?  The bottom line is that  I want to make my content accessible to more readers and to put it into a format which more easily “browse-able” for lawyers, researchers and legal information innovators who want to review a recent snapshot of the legal information landscape.

What inspired this? I had two epiphanies on the print versus digital issue in 2017. After 7 years of blogging it has become more difficult for me to locate my prior blogs. After I moved from the Blogger platform to Lexblog which uses WordPress, my earlier posts became much more difficult to find using Google searches. As I often say “with  Google can always give you something— but it does not always give you the exact thing  that you are looking for.”

Perhaps more importantly, in 2017 I read the book The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter  by David Sax which posits that since we are material beings we have a special connection to tangible things. Sax documents the reappearance of all sorts of artifacts of our pre-digital age:  Phonograph players, vinyl records, 35 mm film, moleskin notebooks and yes – specialist magazines!  I was only half way through the book when my daughter asked to go into an Urban Outfitters at 5th Avenue and 42nd St in Manhattan – and what was in the front of the store? Displays of phonograph players, vinyl records and 35 mm Fuji film.

The Revenge of Analog made me question one of my most basic assumptions about information delivery. It made me notice that for at least some content, I prefer to hold something in my hands and browse. The Dewey B Strategic Blog-o-zine is my celebration of our tangible selves who still enjoy turning a page and browsing.

Why should  someone pay for it? The 2017 Dewey B Strategic  Blog-o-zine is intended to be an easy access, reference handbook on the major legal research/technology trends,  product releases and enhancements of 2017. The book includes 34 product reviews for cutting edge legal products incorporating AI, analytics, workflow tools and plain old expert analysis. What have the big players Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, Bloomberg Law and Wolters Kluwer been up to? Did you catch the release of new features on Fastcase, CARA,  Ravel, Lex Machina? Have you heard about the innovative new tools from Judicata,  Gavelytcs and Voxgov? The blog-o-zine can be seen as a good investment in a tool that will make it easier for you to focus your time and your budgets on best products for your firm’s research needs.

What the legal information industry thought leaders are saying…. Dewey B Strategic has been recognized as an important source of legal publishing and technology insights by industry executives, knowledge management and library thought leaders. Read their testimonials here.

 Exclusive content in the Blog-a-zine – A  wrap-up blogpost on the state of the legal information industry at the end of 2017. ” 2017:KM Rises, “Robot Lawyer” Fatigue Sets in. Analytics and Workflow Surge.”
The book will retail for $99 but will be available at the pre-publication price of $79.00 (plus shipping) through April 30th. The publication will ship on or about April 30th.

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