Today I learned that Joe Breda who had been the Executive Vice President, Product has replaced Scott Mozarsky as the President of Bloomberg Law.  Mozarsky has been President since November 2016, replacing David Perla.

The other big news from Bloomberg Law  is the new features and products which are being released  in advance of the American Association  of Law Libraries Conference which starts this Saturday in Baltimore.

New features including interactive practice tools, practical guidance resources and new customizable real times news.

Practical Guidance I have repeatedly noted that the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA- now part of Bloomberg Law) offered practical guidance in their Tax Management Portfolios and Corporate Practice portfolios decades before Practical Law emerged from the UK Practice Support Lawyer market.  Bloomberg law has been quietly building out and expanding their practice guidance resources. Bloomberg Law now has 30 Practical Guidance suites including 3,000 practice tools, checklists, timelines and annotated forms covering more than 200 topics including GDPR, health care, cybersecurity, corporate and commercial transactions, compliance, labor and employment. There is a new launch page which offers access to step by step guidance on specific workflows and  which promise to guide a lawyer from the beginning to the end of a  specific process such as “an  initial coin offering.”


According to Breda these  resources offer broader and deeper practice guidance, noting that “We have organized our practical guidance suites to be more task-centered, guided by feedback from our customers.” As efficiency and  consistency have become core client expectations, Breda believes that the  enhanced Practical Guidance offerings “Provide lawyers with a  reliable playbook.” The new suite promises a “practice centered view of the universe since it gathers all the tools needed for a task in a logical order including, checklists, forms, chart builders, practical guidance.”  Forms can be downloaded and customized as needed.The product is clearly positioned to compete in the KM /process improvement area with Thomson Reuters Practical Law, Lexis Practice Adviser and  Wolters Kluwer Smart Tasks.

SEC  Administrative Law Judge Enforcement Analytics Several months ago Bloomberg released their first regulatory analytics product on Health Care. Their new SEC product is the first product in the market  to produce analytics on the SEC Administrative Law Judge rulings.  This  tool will provide insights into trends and outcomes of regulatory actions. The Analytics  Resource currently covers 253 actions which can be analyzed in a table and filtered by a variety of factors including: civil penalties, date. Violation type,  Executive type, status. Reports can be customized. Analytics for  additional SEC Administrative actions will be released in the next few weeks.


In Focus an alerting feature in Bloomberg law has also been updated. In Focus is Designed to help lawyers get up to speed quickly on an emerging area of law such as Autonomous Vehicles or Transgender Rights, Bitcoin and blockchain. It also provide customizable real time news alerts on this “hot topics.”


You can see these new features at the Bloomberg Law booth #707 in the AALL Exhibit Area in the Baltimore Convention Center  or learn about the products at this link.