Intelligize  which offers a sophisticated platform for securities law research has added a new Accounting Standards and Guidance Module.

The new module features:

  • Benchmarking of financial disclosures
  • Analytical views to quickly identify filing and disclosure characteristics
  • Trending accounting topics
  • Intelligize Filtering and tagging
  • Accounting Memos and guidance handbooks from “the big four” accounting firms
Intelligize Accounting Standards & Guidance

The Intelligize Accounting Module  improves legal workflow:

  • Tracking and preparing for FASB  rule changes.
  • Researching and bench-marking market standards impact on financial reporting.
  • Understanding how new accounting standard impact financial reporting.
  • Finding SEC comment letters and responses related to FASB changes
  • Discovering precedent language for new business areas
  • Collaborating on accounting policies and discover langues
  • Identifying on what’s trending in relation to FASB rule updates and proposals.


The Accounting Standards Module is available to Intelligize subscribers as an “add on” subscription. Since the content is licensed from a third party, it is not available via IP authentication. Access  is available  only to a defined  group of individuals.

Phil Brown, The Chief of Strategy at Intelligize provides insight into use of the Accounting Module in his post “The Struggle is Real: Drafting Financial Disclosures in the Wake of Accounting Rule Changes.”