Today I am launching a new Hits and Misses” survey which will replace the annual “Start Stop” Survey.  The new survey is more structured and should only take 5 to 7 minutes to complete. Please take a few minutes to share your insights on the state of legal publishing industry practices, products and technology. You can access the survey HERE.

This is an anonymous survey,  however respondents who wish to be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon Echo have the option of including their name an contact information.

The survey will be open through January 31st.

What Did You Think About Legal Publishing and Tech Trends in 2018?

2018 was a tumultuous year for legal publishing and technology. Consider just a few of the key events. The American Association of Law Libraries hired an attorney to represent the Association in response to  member complaints about LexisNexis “tying” of products. Thomson Reuters finally launched an analytics product as part of its new Westlaw Edge platform. But TR ended the year with an unprecedented wave of layoffs that some customers are viewing as a virtual “brain drain.” Bloomberg BNA announced both layoffs and a major content reorganization. The move appears to be gutting the deep expertise of the BNA editorial team while eliminating iconic newsletters such as The Daily Report for Executives and morphing other newsletters into “news feeds.” This package of changes was wrapped in a nearly incompressible pricing plan.  2018 was the year when Wolters Kluwer finally put the Intelliconnect platform out of its misery by mandating that all customers move to the Cheetah platform. New tech analytics company Fiscal Note swallowed up traditional government news and database publisher CQ (Congressional Quarterly). Fastcase embraced  both new tech and old tech  with  the purchase of Docket Alarm analytics product and the launch of a print publishing arm Full Court Press.

I will elaborate of these trends as well as the Hits and MIsses survey results in a follow up  post in early February.

The “projects and processes”  piece of the Start Stop survey will be launched separately following a webinar I am hosting in conjunction with the Private Law Librarians and Information Professions (Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries). The PLLIP program will be announced later this week.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey. (Go ahead– just do it now — you can spare 5 minutes to help your colleagues gain insights into the legal publishing marketplace.)