Note: My apologies- this was originally posted with a mistaken reference to Intelligize instead of Intelliconnect.

Last week I reported the first installment of results from the Dewey B Strategic Hits and Misses Survey in Terminal Outrage: Results of the 2018-19 Hits and Misses Survey Pt.1.

Today I am reporting on the best New Products by various categories — excluding Analytics Products which will be reported in a separate post.

Here are the results:
Best New Product You became aware of in 2018: Winner: Thomson Reuters Westlaw Edge. Products from “start ups” Gavelytics and Courtroom Insight ranked second and third respectively.

Best New Product or Product Realignment From a Major Legal Publisher: Winner: Wolters Kluwer Cheetah completely replaces Intelliconnect.

Best New KM or Drafting Tool: Winner: (Thomson Reuters) Practical Law Automated Documents

Best New Competitive Intelligence Product: Winner: Manzama Insights


Best New Product:

Best New Product or Product Alignment from A Major Vendor:



Best New KM or Drafting Tool:

Best New Competitive Intelligence or News Product:

Note Re Competitive Intelligence Chart: 27 people selected other for their answer to the Competitive Intelligence question — making it the second highest response. However after reviewing the comments no single product was named more than two times. All products which were named were launched more than five years ago.Stay Tuned:


Future posts will look at “Hits and Miss” survey results which cover Westlaw Edge, Analytics products and what products people plan to cancel or purchase.