Today Intelligize    (a Lexis Nexis company) is launching a new workflow enhancement resources the Intelligize RedBook (IRB). The SEC forms which lawyers are required to draft and update are the core of this product. When a lawyer selects a form – they are guided through a step-by-step guide linking all of the relevant regulations and commentary. The product leverages the powerful Intelligize algorithms and deep indexing.  Phil Brown, Managing Director and Mark Butler, Director. Thought Leadership & Product Marketing provided me with a preview of IRB.

The platform provides an intuitive workflow and displays all the key drafting resources in one screen. All of the functionality is tied to the SEC forms and a full library of primary source materials: statutes, regulations, SEC commentaries and a full archive of SEC filings which can be  explored and used for drafting language.

Workflow enhancements include:

• Leveraging checklists to increase efficiencies, reduce risks and collaborate with peers
• Quickly finding peer company precedents when drafting new disclosures
Eliminating the burden of looking up rules referenced in SEC Forms
• Redlining enables lawyers to easily spot changes in Form Items and the underlying regulation changes from previous iterations of the Regulation or form
• Improving their review accuracy by highlighting and annotating key regulatory content

Yes this is a research product, but it also joins the ranks of  digital products morphing from being a resource to provide faster answers  to  a product which drives efficient workflow. The Intelligize Redbook appears to be designed to compete  directly the Wolters Kluwer RB Source/RB Source Filing/Regulatory Review products.  This is part of a larger workflow trend in legal publishing where LexisNexis, Bloomberg Law and Thomson Reuters are extending workflow solutions throughout their research products.

 Free trial through May 31st of the Intelligize RedBook. Existing Intelligize customers will have automatic access to IRB. They won’t have to request anything until after the free access period ends.  Everyone else can request a free trial at this link: