Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. continues to expand suite of securities law and workflow products with today’s launch of Capital Markets Clause Analytics. Similar to the M&A Clause Analytics which they launched in 201?, CAPA offers a workflow solution that leverages artificial intelligence and expert human curation. CAPA is the latest addition to Wolters Kluwer’s Transactional Law Suite for Securities, promises to bring new efficiencies to capital markets document drafting workflow. The tool enhanced both knowledge management and competitive intelligence efforts. Law firms use COPA to benchmark their own deals and clauses as well as benchmarking the firm against deals and clauses done by specific competitor law firms or the market as a whole. All of the documents have been extensively coded which provides lawyers with powerful tools for to filtering and focusing on specific deal and clause types.

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The press release quotes Susan Chain, Esq. Portfolio Director for Securities and Banking at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. “As clients continue to aggressively pursue improved cost efficiency and timeliness from legal providers, legal professionals are in need of workflow solutions that address their most critical pain points.We developed Capital Markets Clause Analytics to integrate powerful technology with our domain expertise to transform the Capital Markets drafting process, boost our customers’ productivity and improve their ROI.”



Capital Markets Clause Analytics streamlines the Capital Markets drafting and negotiating process for securities law professionals with:
Custom Model Agreements: Users can create a custom model based on their unique criteria, search across a database of more than one million individual clauses, analyze agreements clause by clause, and compare their findings to their own agreements and clauses;
Practical Guidance: Expertly prepared practical guidance, such as elements of the clause checklists, drafting considerations, and intent of the clause, are shown alongside individual clauses, enhancing your understanding at the point of need, instantly surfacing drafting risks, and eliminating the potential for costly mistakes; and
Benchmarking: Users can enhance their efficiency and boost negotiating leverage with statistics and comparisons based on their specific deal criteria. Several comparison tools allow professionals to efficiently benchmark your own agreements and clauses, providing insight of drafting techniques used by specific law firms or industries.

Since there is a frenzied competition in the litigation analytics market it is good to see Wolters Kluwer expanding the use of analytics to provide insights for transactional lawyers.

To learn more about the Capital Markets Clause Analytics and the power of the entire Transactional Law Suite for Securities, visit: https://lrus.wolterskluwer.com/store/transactional-law-suite/