Thomson Reuters continues to build out features in Westlaw Edge. Today they have announced  a new  A.I. enabled quote checking feature which resides within the brief analysis tool Quick Check which was launched at the  American Association of Law Libraries meeting last July. Quick Check allows lawyers to upload a brief and quickly identify missing or problematic authority. Most importantly it can be used as a final check on a lawyer’s draft documents or  to identify weaknesses in an  opposing parties brief or motion.
Quick Check Quotation Analysis is one more feature which drives efficiency while reducing risk. A lawyer can identify both misquotation or potential misrepresentation of quotes. According to Carol Jo Lechtenberg senior director of Westlaw product management, “Quotation Analysis uses AI to find display and compare the language of the  cited  cases to the quotation from the uploaded document.”  Briefs and motions can contain dozens of quotes, it can be very time-consuming to identify every discrepancy down to a  missing or misplaced “comma.”.
The quotation analysis report provides a side-by-side comparison  which highlights any difference in the quotes. It also  enables a lawyer to quickly review the context surrounding the quote in the original document.
I believe that QuickCheck may be the first brief analysis tool to offer this type of AI enabled quotation checking feature.  The  brief analysis market has heated up in the past year. Bloomberg Law launched  their  Brief Analyzer in in February 2020. Lexis is expected to launch a brief analyzer tool in the coming months. Casetext CARA launched the first brief analysis tool in 2016. In this highly competitive marketplace – every innovation by one company drives the development of higher value solutions across the market.
Quick Check Judicial. This could be a real headliner. Later this summer a new tool for the judiciary will be released which will enable judges and law clerks to upload the filings from each side and compare and easily identify potential issues in each parties briefs: