Full Court Press, the Fastcase imprint  is launching a webinar series in conjunction with legal history publishers TwelveTables Press. “Leaders in Law” is a monthly webinar series featuring interviews with notable attorney involved in civil rights in the U.S. and around the world.

“There’s no better time to hear from those who fight the civil rights fight and have taken these legal steps before us,” noted Twelve Tables Press Publisher and Fastcase COO, Steve Errick.

 The first live webinar in the series focuses on a seminar LGBT rights case. The Legacy of Lawrence v. Texas, is scheduled for June 26th from 12-1pm ET. The featured Leaders in Law will be Mitchell Avila Katine and Paul Smith discussing their involvement in the landmark privacy law case that Smith argued before the Supreme Court.

Future webinar topics and featured individuals will include:

  • The Global #MeToo Movement, an interview with David Oppenheimer and Contributors
  • Breaking New Ground, an interview with Judge Thelton Henderson and Richard B. Kuhns
  • With Passion, An Activist Lawyers Life with Michael Meltsner
  • AILA Presents 35 years later, Jean v. Nelson an interview with Ira Kurzban and Irwin Stotzky
  • No Clue: Awakening to White American Affirmative Action and The Moral Revolution to Overcome It, an interview with Jonathan K. Stubbs

“This webinar series puts a spotlight on the important work that is being done around us daily, but sometimes is not recognized,” said Vice President of Alliances & Business Development Joe Patz Vineyard. “The Leaders in Law programs are our opportunity to continue important discussions on a range of topics including racial injustice, LGBTQ rights, gender discrimination, immigration, and more. As a legal research provider, Fastcase is uniquely positioned to ask the question, what is next, and how do we keep fighting for equality in America and globally?”

The project will involve the wider Fastcase team and incorporate “friends of Fastcase” including membership partners, law schools, firms, and non-profit organizations.

To register for the Leaders in Law webinar series, sign up here.