Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. has announced significant upgrades to to RBSourceFilings with RegReview,drafting tool which streamlines the SEC filing preparation process. Wolters Kluwer has been tracking securities rules and regulations for decades. Their Federal Securities Law Reporter was transformed into the Cheetah platform in —-. The company has continued to expand their securities practice offerings with additional innovative products that provide new insights and improve workflow including: M&A Clause Analytics, Capital Markets Clause Analytics 

 In case you cant remember what is included in RB Source Filings and RegReview, here is a breakdown:

 RBSourceFilings is a sophisticated research tool which provides advanced search and filtering of publicly filed SEC documents.  The solution introduces point-in-time redlining technology, integrated checklists, practical guidance, and workflow tools to help law firms and in house counsel to meet the challenges of rapidly changing regulations and ensure securities disclosure compliance. According to the press release RegReview is the “first [product] of its kind to integrate

all of these features to expedite SEC filings regulatory review, allowing users to increase productivity, lower costs, and apply cutting-edge information technology to highly labor-intensive processes.”  

RegReview Forms & Schedules
RegReview “Red lines and highlights added and deleted changes making it easier for lawyers to identify changes that impact a clients SEC disclosures. The product includes 15 major forms that include integrated checklists. Lawyers can easily set the “look back” date to focus on changes during a precise period of time. The alerting function allows a lawyer to focus on new filings or comment letters that address an issue of interest such as COVID-19 risk factors.
RegReview Point in Time Rule Tracking
New and updated alerting delivers a daily update whenever new materials are added to the securities law archive.
The enhanced SEC filings Alert gives instant alerts for any filing or comment that matches search criteria. Alerts can be delivered in real time or daily.

 “At a time when businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to increase efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance in a rapidly changing environment, RBSourceFilings with RegReview continues to do exactly that for securities professionals,” said Ken Crutchfield, Vice President and General Manager of Legal Markets at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. “Wolters Kluwer is committed to integrating our unparalleled securities content with cutting-edge technology to offer a securities workflow solution unlike any other on the market.”  

Unique features of RBSourceFilings with RegReview include:    

  • Point-in-time comparisons to indicate changes to specific laws over time; 
  • Redlines of current and past source material to indicate exactly what text has changed; 
  • A comprehensive checklists document containing all content necessary to review for 15 major SEC filings; 
  • Direct links to all source content to guide users to relevant material and eliminate manual searches; 
  • Progress tracking to ensure a complete review and promote collaboration; and 
  • Interactive notes for every checklist item to streamline the reporting process. 

 The SEC has maintained a steady pace in issuing final rule makings. In 2019 they were 20 final rule makings which triggered hundreds of changes in rules and regulations. 2020 appears to be keeping pace with nine final rulemakings issued as of June.

To learn more about RBSourceFilings with RegReview, visit: https://rbsourcefilings.com/