Docket Navigator  the patent litigation intelligence platform has just added some powerful new law firm case outcome analytics. Docket Navigator which has been around since 2008, offers editorially curated data on courts and  intellectual property cases. The recently launched an interactive law firm ranking feature  allows law firms and in house counsel to take a deep dive into law firm experience and outcomes across the spectrum of patent litigation activities. According to Co-Founders Amy and  Darryl Towell, law firm rankings was the feature most demanded by Docket Navigator customers.

This  feature is not  offering simply  a static list  of law firms but an interactive dashboard which allows researchers to compare law firm experience across multiple dimensions. A researcher can  retrieve comparative views of up to 3 law firms which shows:

  • Firm experience, including a heatmap showing where most of the litigation occurs for a firm
  • Patent Accusation Outcomes
  • Top clients represented
  • Damages awards for and against the firms’ clients
  • Injunctive relief for and against the firms’ clients
  • Attorneys and in-house counsel can now accurately compare a law firm’s experience with its competitors, using real, historical data. The results can be used to lay the groundwork for truly insightful business and litigation strategies.
Top Firms by Win Rate at the ITC


Docket Navigator Law Firm Comparison
Law Firm Comparison Report

The Hard Work of Mapping Accurate Litigation Outcome Data.I  can’t recall any other analytics product that has so thoroughly addressed the challenge of reporting litigation outcomes.  Co- Founder, Darrel Towell   a former litigator spent years thinking through the problem of outcomes because most patent litigation involves multiple, claims against multiple parties resulting in multiple outcomes. Docket Navigator tackled the problem of mixed outcomes by modelling the actual activities of cases where there are multiple claims. multiple defendants and multiple outcomes. They defined each claim in a law suit as an “accusation” and then tied each individual “accusation” to a specific outcome. Docket Navigator employed an editorial team which analysed “accusations” for all patent cases filed since January 1, 2000 .  They have entered outcomes for all cases terminated since January 1, 2016.That translates to over 500,000 individual accusations in 77,000 cases representing 148,000 individual outcomes in 28,000 cases.  According to, co-founder Darryl Towell this has been a labor intensive process handled by their editorial team. Reports can be customized to exclude ANDA cases and to distinguish between representation of plaintiffs and defendants, or specify the minimum number of case outcomes for compared firms.


Docket Navigator Outcomes Representing Patentees

Law firm rankings is designed to provide law firms with powerful insights into their own experience for pitches and to assist potential clients in selecting outside counsel with the best experience. In addition to the intelligence platform Docket Navigator can provide custom alerts on newly filed cases and filings.