Today Fastcase and Courtroom Insight are announcing a partnership which will integrate Docket Alarm with the Courtroom Insight knowledge management product. Courtroom Insight which offers a database including thousands of profiles for judges, expert witnesses and arbitrators, allows law firms to build out custom experience database mapping internal lawyer experience to those profiles. . Docket Alarm’s 500 million state and federal litigation docket and documents will be mapped to the experts and judges within Courtroom Insight.

Docket Alarm Founder and Fastcase VP of analytics Michael Sander, describes this partnerships as “building API bridges within the legal tech community, knowing that the litigation record contains a robust dossier on thousands of expert witnesses. Marrying these data sources ultimately helps law firms make better decisions on expert witnesses.”

This is a win-win for both companies. Law firms no longer want to buy interfaces, they want to buy data that can power internal knowledge initiatives. Law librarians and knowledge managers have been begging the legal information providers to uncouple date from proprietary platforms for more than a decade. Nimble start-ups such as Fastcase were among the first to offer not only API access but also tookkits and “sandboxes” where customers could learn to work with data.

Mark Torchiana, Co-founder and CEO of Courtroom Insight has been announcing a steady stream of Courtoom Insight alliances over the past few years ( HeinOnline, WoltersKluwer, Daubert Tracker) which have enhanced CI’s content and functionality.  Since Courtroom Insight offers a unique knowledge solution for judges, experts and arbitrators it is well established across a wide swath of Amlaw200 firms. This new alliance with Docket Alarm will further propel Fastcase ambitions to increase their marketshare in that segment.

The Unveiling Courtroom Insight and Docket Alarm will unveil the integration at the ARK Group KM Legal 2021 Conference taking place from Oct. 19-20 in New York City.