Courtroom Insight which helps law firms jumpstart knowledge management projects aimed at collecting internal intelligence on expert witnesses, judges and arbitrators has just announced a new alliance with Wolters Kluwer. Wolters Kluwer which publishers the premier international arbitration product will allow Kluwer Arbitration subscribers to  integrate content from Courtroom Insight with Wolters Kluwer Arbitration content.

According to the announcement the collaboration “delivers instant access to Wolters Kluwer’s Kluwer Arbitration content, including arbitrator profiles and background on awards, experiences, practices, and decision-making, which allows our users to:

·     Gain greater understanding of the arbitrators that may be involved in disputes

·     Analyze critical information about key arbitrators that could impact the case

·     Develop effective legal strategies based on confirmed research

Courtroom Insight customers will find Kluwer  International Arbitration profiles integrated into their Courtroom Insight research experience.

More information about the enhanced partnership with Wolters Kluwer can be found in a  recent press release. To learn more about the unique expert witness and arbitrator knowledge management solution, please Contact Us.