Entrepreneur Mark Torchiana the Co-Founder and CEO of Courtroom Insight continues his relentless pursuit of alliances and collaborations which enhance the content, functionality and usability of Courtroom Insight. Earlier this week Courtroom Insight announced a new alliance with Arbitrator Intelligence which will make AI reports and content available to Courtroom Insight subscribers.

Arbitrator Intelligence Report in Courtroom Insight


Here is the full press release:


SAN RAMON, CA  DECEMBER 8, 2021 – As part of a new collaboration with Arbitrator Intelligence (AI), Courtroom Insight will offer AI Reports and resources to its customers as part of its customized knowledge management solution, which enables law firms and other organizations to capture, share and analyze critical information about arbitrators, judges and expert witnesses.

Through this relationship, AI’s resources and data will supplement the information maintained by Courtroom Insight in its Directory of Mediators and Arbitrators. The Directory, which contains more than 26,000 profiles of practising mediators and arbitrators, will be integrated with arbitrator and expert witness case involvement data from over 3,500 international arbitrations identified by AI, putting crucial information and unique insights about arbitrators at the fingertips of users across the globe. Moreover, the proprietary AI research reports will be available directly from the Courtroom Insight platform with significant discounts available to AI members.

With this partnership, AI joins several leading global content providers, including mutual collaborator Wolters Kluwer, in providing cutting-edge content to enable Courtroom Insight to continue to provide its users with market-leading research, crucial arbitrator insights, and critical expert witness data through its knowledge management solution.

Commenting on the collaboration, Founder and CEO Catherine Rogers said “Having watched Courtroom Insight evolve over the past several years to innovate in response to market demand, we are extremely pleased with the opportunity to partner. Courtroom Insight has developed specially designed, firm-specific platform that streamlines law firm resources to save lawyer time and client money. Arbitrator research is most effective when consolidated into the kind of one-stop-shopping that Courtroom Insight provides.”

“International arbitration data is of particular interest to our global law firm clients,” said Mark Torchiana, CEO of Courtroom Insight. “Lawyers demand as much arbitrator and expert witness information as possible to help assess and prepare for these high-stakes matters.  Integrating Arbitrator Intelligence research and case data with our clients’ private, internal knowledge massively increases the value and efficiency of our platform.”

About Arbitrator Intelligence

Arbitrator Intelligence is a global information aggregator that collects unique quantitative and qualitative feedback about key features of arbitrator decision making from thousands of parties and counsel across the globe. Feedback is collected through the Arbitrator Intelligence Questionnaire (AIQ), and complemented by independent research and analysis of publicly available sources. Data analytics from this information provide parties and counsel with exclusive and critical insights about arbitrators’ track records to improve arbitrator selection and case strategy. To learn more about Arbitrator Intelligence, please visit www.arbitratorintelligence.com or contact Founder and CEO Catherine Rogers at Catherine.rogers@arbitratorintelligence.com.

For media inquiries, contact Catherine Rogers catherine.rogers@arbitratorintelligence.com

 About Courtroom Insight

Courtroom Insight, headquartered in San Ramon, California, offers the leading knowledge management solution that enables law firms to capture, share and analyze critical information about expert witnesses, arbitrators and judges. For further information, please visit https://www.courtroominsight.com or https://www.linkedin.com/company/courtroom-insight/


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