BriefCatch, an award-winning, patented legal writing tool,  is  launching  of BriefCatch 3 today. BriefCatch now offers over 11,000 legal focused edits and performs realtime rescans of new edits. The software is now compatible with Mac,  Windows and Word Online software.  BriefCatch 3 offers a rebuilt rules engine, which is enhanced with Natural Language Processing and AI.

During a recent demo founder Ross Guberman, walked me through a demo and I was impressed. Law is a language intensive deadline driven profession. Associates often face tight deadlines. I know what it is like to become blind to editorial mistakes. Using Brief Catch is like having a silent coach providing suggestions, pointing out ambiguous terminology, tightening up sentences… And all of the suggestions can be over-ridden with a click. My favorite feature is the scoring which assesses the document according to five criteria.

BriefCatch 3 now offers more than 11,000 unique, on-demand, legal-specific writing suggestions that general digital editors miss. These recommendations allow lawyers to keep their focus on substance, strategy, and expertise to make more persuasive arguments, and they help judges make opinions more vivid, varied, and confident.

Guberman pointed out the  the face saving value of the product. “BriefCatch spots mistakes before clients and judges do, empowering users to write first-rate, confident first drafts. This new version instantly spots and fixes lawyer-specific typos and mechanical errors, cleans up citations, cuts through legalese, spices up word choice, trims sentences, and makes your analysis come alive.”

Brief Catch 3 Suggested Edits


“BriefCatch is the tool of choice to help lawyers, judges, and students jumpstart their legal writing, and we’re thrilled to launch BriefCatch 3 with game-changing improvements that users have been requesting, including availability for Macs,” said Ross Guberman, founder of BriefCatch.

BriefCatch 3 – Ignore suggestions



New features in BriefCatch 3:

  • Real-time editing. Instantly rescans a passage after you accept an editing suggestion or respond to a consistency check.
  • Next-generation edits.  More than 11,000 suggestions are constantly being updated, expanded, and fine-tuned. BriefCatch 3 also provides thousands of unique explanations and examples from top lawyers, judges, contracts, and memos.
  • Enhanced AI. Uses the latest in NLP to finesse editing rules and scoring algorithms.​
  • Next-generation engine. A rebuilt rules engine now scans your documents faster than ever.
  • Easier implementation. Now available through Microsoft AppSource as a Microsoft Word Add-in.
  • Support for Microsoft Word 365 Online. Now available via Microsoft Word online on any compatible browser.
  • Mac compatibility. Now available for Mac users.

 BriefCatch 3 can pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, and recurring edits. It also provides five custom AI-derived writing scores that can serve as an objective third-party expert during legal language disputes traditionally based on subjective opinion.​ BriefCatch 3 is built as a Microsoft Word Add-in, making it easy to access directly from your Microsoft Word document.

BriefCatch 3 writing scores

Below is an explanation of the writing scores:

Reader Engagement: This global measure uses regression analysis to combine the four measures below. It considers everything from the length of paragraphs to the rate of select vivid verbs.

Concise and Readable: This is a modern take on traditional readability measures. It looks mostly at word and sentence length and variation, but it also considers wording patterns associated with especially readable writing.

Flowing and Cohesive: This measure is the most closely linked to elite legal, judicial, and journalistic writing. It considers transitions, modifier use, patterns at the ends of sentences, and several other key data points.

Crisp and Punchy: This measure reflects punchy word choice and the avoidance of wordy or cumbersome language.

Clear and Direct: This is the best measure of whether a document has a modern feel and avoids jargon and legalese.

“BriefCatch is one of my favorite tools for assessing and improving the quality of our written arguments,” said Matt Fitzgerald, appellate partner at McGuireWoods and former Supreme Court clerk.

BriefCatch users include legal writers of all levels, from lawyers and law school students to Supreme Court Justices and the Department of Justice.​ It is the tool of choice to improve legal writing, deliver best-in-class work product, win more disputes, and deliver stronger opinions through succinct, proven prose. The product originated from Legal Writing Pro’s worldwide workshops. For more information or a demo, please visit