For the past few decades, the traditional law library has been transformed by the digitization of statutes, regulations, and commentary. Law Librarians and KM professionals have become the curators of an ever-expanding universe of commercial, dynamic data sources including company profiles, competitor profiles, experience data, insights into judges, experts, and arbitrators, deal data, dockets, and news. These data elements, when aligned and merged with internal administrative systems, can deliver strategic insights to power the ongoing evolution of the business and practice of law.

In my last LegallTech Hub column, I referred a panel at this year’s AALL conference, The Law Library’s Role in Data Integration, APIs and Attorney Workflow Initiatives, which provided a goldmine of practical tips, experience and wisdom. During that panel, Erik Adams, the Manager of Library Digital Initiatives at Sidley Austin, provided an excellent “Checklist for Evaluating an API”, which is reprinted below with his permission. Continue reading here.

This post is Part 2 of the previously published “If Data is the New Gold – Then Law Libraries are a Goldmine.”