Legal Tech Hub has taken a big leap forward with the launch of a premium subscriptions service LTH Premium.  LTH provides insights for professionals across the legal spectrum (Innovation, KM/Research, Legal Ops, IT) who are tasked with monitoring the legal tech market or identifying the right resource for a specific workflow need. LTH provides “educational resources, objective reports and insights about legal technology, and tools to support the selection, evaluation, procurement, and implementation of legal technology. “

LHT offers quick access to resources such as checklists which can help legal and business professionals assess new tech solutions  across the procurement lifecycle– from assessment through adoption.

LTH Premium is built on the original Legal Tech Hub taxonomy and product profiles are enhanced practical guides commissioned from industry experts,

The LTH Premium Experts
At launch there are 12 “premium categories” built out by For this initial launch, 12 categories of legal technology have been built out as “premium categories”, with a subject matter expert assigned to each of these. The “LTH Experts” behind the content for these premium categories include:

•    Carolyn Anger, Senior Director, Consilio – eDiscovery
•    Catherine Bamford, CEO and Founder, BamLegal – document automation
•    Lucy Bassli, Founder and Principal, InnoLaw Group – end-to-end CLM
•    Lucy Dillon, Director, Lucy Dillon Consulting LTD – Document Management
•    Jason Dirkx, Director of Practice Innovation &Technology Solutions, Paul Hastings – expert systems
•    Marlene Gebauer, Associate Director of Innovation, Mayer Brown – judicial analytics
•    Sara Lord – Managing Director, Legal Metrics – Diversity
•    Jean O’Grady, Director of Research, Venable – news aggregators
•    Maya Markovich, Executive Director, Justice Technology Association – timekeeping
•    Kate Simpson, Chief Knowledge Officer, Bennett Jones – Search
•    Nicola Shaver, CEO of Legaltech Hub – Contract Review
•    Janet Taylor-Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Cognia Law – Alternative Legal Services

Additional premium categories will be released over the course of the year, with new experts coming on board. In addition to developing content, the LTH Experts will be keeps the guides up-tp date to assure accuracy.

New Categories to Come
Other categories of content on the site include knowhow (for practical content on topics such as adoption, digital transformation, and innovation strategy) and legaltech resources for lawyers, providing 101-level material to educate lawyers on the uses of legal technology.

Vendor analysis in the form of a maturity quadrant for each category on the site and deep reports on solutions in each premium category are in development and will be released beginning next month.

LTH Premium is a subscription site for law firms and corporate legal departments. 

To find out more about pricing and subscription tiers, contact