Google’s core value statement is encapsulated in “10 things we know to be true.” It includes two rubrics that knowledge managers and librarians should embrace  as driving principles:  “Focus on the user and all else will follow” and “fast is better than slow.” 


The lingering shadow of cost recovery has impaired the intelligent use of digital resources in many law firms. Long after Lexis and Westlaw switched to flat fee contracts much of their data remains locked in the prison of “cost recovery” even though there are technologies available to unlock targeted content for specific use cases. But the problem doesn’t end there. Even products that have never been associated with chargebacks are locked behind passwords. Passwords are an obstacle to access.

Lawyers forget their passwords, lawyers forget client numbers, lawyers forget what they learned at the last training session… Lack of access reduces ROI. This post will explore how information professionals can take down the barriers and enhance the ROI of the firm’s information resource investments.

“Focus on the user and all else will follow. “

  • No one wants to read a manual.
  • Everything needs to be intuitive.
  • Everyone has information overload.
  • Everyone is multitasking.
  • Everyone sees your solution in their own context based on their role, their prior experience, and their “go to” tools.
  • Passwords are a huge obstacle to optimizing workflow.

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