NetDocuments, a native cloud Document Management System is jumping into the Generative AI market for Legal with is announcement of ndMAX. The company plans a suite of generative AI-powered products designed to streamline the entire legal workflow based on practice group needs.

According to the press release ndMAX “enables law firms and legal teams to securely and responsibly apply cutting-edge AI to their own documents and data in order to extract business intelligence and generate novel content.”

PatternBuilder Max is the first product to be released as part of ndMAX Is built on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, including its GPT4 series of models. The new product enhances NetDocuments’ native, no-code document assembly and workflow capabilities by enabling firms to create custom generative AI automations tailored to the needs of specific practice areas.

PatternBuilder MAX enables law firms to automate many common legal tasks with generative AI. Key use cases include:

  • Generating draft documents based on internal precedents and playbooks
  • Extracting information from documents—including discrete entities, as well as complex insights—and saving extracted data to a database
  • Running contract playbooks to compare third-party contracts against a firm’s own contracting policies and standards
  • Instantly summarizing documents like depositions and complaints and saving those summaries into a workspace
  • Turbocharging document review and editing by contextually surfacing a firm’s generative AI workflows directly inside of Microsoft Word.
App Builder

Availability PatternBuilder MAX is currently live in production and available to select customers including Cuatrecasas, Husch Blackwell, Lewis Silkin, and Nelson Mullins, and will be released widely in the Fall of 2023.

David Worth, CIO of Nelson Mullins, whose firm has PatternBuilder MAX early access, said: “Right now the legal market is flooded with generative AI products, and it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. The beauty of PatternBuilder MAX is we don’t have to pick a solution; we will have a tool to build our own customized generative AI workflows, whenever we want, in minutes. And each workflow we build will sit securely inside the platform we trust to store and manage our content every day.”

Customers and AI Concerns

ndMax was developed with client input. Clients’ concerns about the “responsible use of generative AI” became an essential requirements for ndMAX. Specific issues include:

  • Protecting client confidentiality by ensuring that client data is excluded from the LLM’s model training
  • Using existing security controls to manage the availability and use of AI inside the organization
  • Avoid moving documents to other applications and instead intelligently embed AI capabilities where they are already working in NetDocuments.

For more details on how legal professionals can leverage ndMAX click here.

“At NetDocuments, responsibility and innovation are deeply ingrained in our DNA. ndMAX reflects our commitment to safeguard and empower our customers through a solution that unites the power of generative AI with the security of the NetDocuments platform while utilizing client and firm specific content,” stated Josh Baxter, CEO NetDocuments. “This unique combination will enable legal professionals to leverage AI responsibly – conforming to a firm’s security, compliance, and best practice regimes – and integrate seamlessly with the workflows and productivity tools that firms rely on every day.” 

Upcoming Introducing ndMAX webinars:

US/EMEA Webinar: 8/2/23 11am ET/4pm BST, Speaker: Mike Kaye, Senior Solution Expert, NetDocuments

APAC Webinar: 8/3/23 9am AEST, Speaker: Mike Sanders, Director of Solutions Expert Team, NetDocuments