The American Arbitration Association (AAA®), the global leader in arbitration and mediation services and data analytics, announced that Steve Errick will join their international division, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®), as Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer.

Steve has been a highly visible presence at legal tech conferences such as Legal Week, AALL and ILTA in his former roles virtually very legal publishing company. More recently he was Chief Global Content Officer at vLex , where he led global content teams, managed service partners, and led the Fastcase and vLex data and content integration efforts. Previously, he was Chief Operating Officer at Fastcase, Inc., where he successfully launched a number of publications and product lines, resulting in substantial revenue growth. At LexisNexis, Steve oversaw the Legal Research Information Division as Vice President and Managing Director, where he led the development of a large portfolio of legal research tools. He also held executive positions at Wolters Kluwer and Thomson Reuters. Steve previously served as a member of the AAA’s Board of Directors.

“Steve’s leadership, relationships, and expertise in the legal market generally and the legal tech market specifically will fast-track our strategy implementation,” said Bridget M. McCormack, President and CEO of the American Arbitration Association. “Steve puts innovative ideas into service and drives growth.”

Steve in his own words

“In joining AAA, it reminds me of the roles I served at LexisNexis with then CEO Bob Romeo (now CEO of Anaqua), and most recently my role with Ed Walters at Fastcase.  Two “all in” CEO’s who added just enough external talent to reinforce their visions, but the focus was all about developing the talent within and daring to make decisions to best serve the program, the team and the clients.  

Brigitte too is one of those “all in” CEO’s and my role is to similarly add momentum in putting the program, team and AAA clients first, especially as every firm, business and peer chases and harnesses new technologies without losing focus on its core mission.   I’ve always been drawn to being a part of a program in transition where if you get it right, you have the chance to be part of something special that will stand the test of time and the AAA is one of those mission driven organizations where the Board, CEO and team all serve the mission and move as one.”

Good luck Steve. You will be missed!