Lexblog, which was founded in 2003,  is the brain child of Kevin O’Keefe, a lawyer who has been on a mission to encourage  legal thought leadership through blogging. (Dewey B Strategic is published on Lexblog) Lexblog offers legal bloggers, lawyers and law firms a worldwide audience. Lexblog currently supports over 40,000 bloggers.

According to the press release “Lou is not designed to replace the lawyer as a writer—Lou amplifies the lawyer’s unique expertise, writing style and voice.”  Lou is powered by OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT technology,  and is designed to make lawyers and marketing professionals “quicker, more efficient and more effective communicators.”

Here’s How it Works I was given an overview of the new functionality by Colin O’Keefe. Lou is no substitute for authorship but is more like a really smart admin assistant who can write summaries, suggest titles and section headings, or perform routine updates on social media. It an also “play with style” by turning the tone from formal to informal.

Lexblog bloggers will get access to a Lou dashboard which lists a menu of functions it can assist with. Lout is built on Chat GDP 3.5 and 4, so bloggers will still need to check their own facts.

Here’s how Lou transforms the legal publishing experience:

  • Idea generation: Beat writer’s block with AI-generated topics and content outlines.
  • Efficiency: Cut publishing time by up to 30% or more, leaving lawyers more of their valuable time for impactful legal work.
  • Expanded niches: Broaden the lawyers’ coverage of legal niches effortlessly, with AI-guided insights.
  • Social sharing: Quickly draft social media—for each platform—aimed to stop the scroll.
  • Seamless integration: AI technology is built directly into LexBlog’s WordPress- based platform for an effortless user experience.
  • Engagement: Improve post readability and impact with AI-driven editorial suggestions.
  • Support & strategy: It’s about more than software—the LexBlog team provides ongoing coaching on best practices in blogging with AI.

“Two decades ago, LexBlog democratized legal publishing by empowering lawyers to blog. Today, we feel a deep sense of obligation to harness the capabilities of AI to further our mission.” said Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog.

“With the launch of Lou, we are uniquely positioned to expand access to legal information, advance secondary law and support lawyers and the communities they serve, worldwide. We believe that with the power to bring AI into legal publishing comes the responsibility to use it wisely and ethically. Building on our twenty years of ethical conduct within the law, we’re committed to serving firms and legal professionals worldwide with this same integrity and dedication.” Call for Participants Lexblog is offering limited early access is available, so secure your spot today and help.

Here is the Summary Lou Wrote of this Post:

LexBlog, founded by attorney Kevin O’Keefe in 2003, has launched a new feature called Lou. Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, Lou is designed to assist lawyers and marketing professionals in enhancing their communication efficiency and effectiveness. It can write summaries, suggest titles and section headings, and perform routine social media updates. Lou does not replace the author but acts as a smart administrative assistant. It can also adjust the tone of the content from formal to informal. Lou is built on Chat GDP 3.5 and 4, requiring bloggers to verify their own facts. The tool aims to generate ideas, reduce publishing time, expand legal niche coverage, streamline social media drafting, and improve post readability. LexBlog provides ongoing coaching on best practices in blogging with AI. Limited early access to Lou is currently available.