(Chicago, IL) November 2, 2023 – The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) has officially launched its new Sponsor Directory, a white-labelled version with enhancements of the Legaltech Hub (LTH) directory.

Earlier this year, ILTA announced its partnership with Legaltech Hub (LTH) and the intention to white-label a version of the LTH directory to replace ILTA’s Sponsor Directory. The new Sponsor Directory, which went live in a soft launch a week ago, provides ILTA members with the ability to browse easily across all ILTA sponsors and delivers the most comprehensive mapping of legal technology solutions in the industry.

The new Sponsor Directory, powered by LTH, features the ability to search for solutions and solution providers by keyword or name, filter results by category of legal tech solution and use case (such as practice management, document management, contract review), by practice area, applicable jurisdictions, the language in which the technology operates, deployment options, as well as by attributes (for example, if there is a Word plug-in involved or advanced LLM technology is leveraged).

ILTA sponsors are clearly identified and promoted, and the directory is maintained along with market changes, providing a value-added service to ILTA members.

“From the start, we’ve been about connecting people in the legal industry with tech solutions to help the business and practice of law,” says Nikki Shaver, CEO of LTH. “ILTA and LTH share similar values about the industry, and this is the first part of a partnership that will provide significant benefits to ILTA members and sponsors as well as to LTH partners and subscribers.”

ILTA President Tony McKenna is also excited about the partnership: “As witnessed at ILTACon 2023, there is a growing need for legal-specific technology that offers numerous benefits. ILTA partnering with LTH provides members with a unique means of keeping informed of potential solutions to our firm’s problems and ideas.”

The ILTA Sponsor Directory can now be accessed on the ILTA site.


Legaltech Hub is dedicated to educating buyers about legal technology and connecting vendors and service providers to relevant buyers. The LTH directory combines the most comprehensive global directory of legal technology with a powerful keyword search. LTH Premium is a subscription product providing tools and resources for innovation, IT, and legal operations teams, including procurement frameworks to improve the way that buyers evaluate, procure, implement, and drive the adoption of legal technology.


The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) serves the professional needs of more than 25,000 international legal technology professionals and their organizations. Since its founding in 1980, the association’s focus is to achieve results for our membership and the legal technology profession at large. Much of the value we provide as an association occurs through the coordinated efforts with our global volunteer membership teams. 

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