In case you missed any of the top stories of 2023 I have compiled a list of the “most read” stories of 2023. Here are links to the most popular Dewey B Strategic stories of 2023:

Breaking-News-Thomson-Reuters and Microsoft Announce Microsoft 360 copilot partnership

Breaking News: Thomson Reuters to Acquire Casetext

 Lexis+ AI Launches with Two Customer Initiatives: Commercial Preview and AI Insider Programs

vLex and Fastcase Merge to Form World’s Largest Global Law Library (Everything, Everywhere, All at Once)

The 2023 Report on the State of the Legal Market — Yup It’s Bad

Lexis+ AI Launch Promises Secure, “Hallucination Free” Generative AI Solution With Linked Legal Citations

Thomson Reuters $650M Bet on Casetext CoCounsel. Did They Buy Market Dominance or Just Time?

Bloomberg Law is Doubling Down on Legal News– Starts Hiring Spree to Bulk Up Legal Coverage

LexisNexis Adds Extractive AI Deal Analysis Tool to Lexis+

LexisNexis Announces Integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot/Generative AI Solutions

 Move Over ChatGPT — Casetext Debuts AI Legal Assistant “CoCounsel” on “Morning Joe”

Thomson Reuters Launches Generative AI-Powered Solutions  for Research and Workflow – Previews Generative AI Strategy

Thomson Reuters Releases Report on Impact of AI of Future of Legal Professionals.

Lexis+AI Suite Of Tools Expanded with Lexis Snapshot and Lexis Create

ECFX Should not be Impacted by Federal Judge Meyer’s E.D.N.C. Standing Order 3

 I was “Righter” Than I Realized: Anthropic is Hiring a Prompt Engineer/Librarian and it Pays Serious $$$

The Lost Art of the Vendor Business Review – Checklist and Survey

Don’t Kill the Golden Goose – Survey on 30 Years of Legal Publishing Mergers

NetDocuments Announces “Responsible AI” for Legal with ndMAX and PatternBuilderMax

Lexis Launches InterAction+ with Outlook and Analytics Integrations, New Dashboard and Security Options

Budget Busting, Bundling & Bungling: The Worst Legal Information Mergers & Acquisitions

 vLex Launches First Global AI Legal Assistant: Vincent AI for Research and Drafting

Standing on the threshold of change: 2023 in review (A somewhat irreverent review of the AI hysteria That Swept Through the Legal Industry)