Today vLex  is announcing the launch of a powerful suite of generative AI-backed document analysis tools for litigators and transactional attorneys  Vincent AI platform.  vLex occupies a unique space in the legal research and workflow space since it is the only truly multi-national research platform which has now expanded into an AI enabled

Vincent AI Document Analyze The new product called Vincent AI Document Analyze is a workflow tool designed to streamline and enhance  the drafting of contracts, motions, pleadings, and other legal documents. vLex is the only legal research and drafting platform offering  AI tools with multi-national capabilities “built on top of the world’s most comprehensive global library of legal information, with more than 1 billion documents from around the world. “

vLex Labs  vLex is also announcing the availability of  vLex Labs. This will be offered to select Vincent customers and will enable them to team up with a vLex implementation team and in order to create proprietary AI-powered workflows.

Beyond Legal Research The most important sentence in the press release indicates that this is  a milestone marking  vLex’s commitment to drive innovation into their products and take the lead in developing legal research solutions “that go beyond information retrieval to revolutionize the way that legal professionals work.”

“With Vincent AI, you no longer have to choose between innovative technology and comprehensive content,” said vLex CEO Luís Faus. “Our platform offers a seamless integration of both, setting a new standard in efficiency, customization, and effectiveness across all legal practices.”


Vincent AI Document Analyze

Vincent AI Document Analyze offers customizable GenAI-backed workflows that enable legal professionals to interrogate complex legal documents and use Vincent’s legal reasoning and analysis abilities to begin drafting strategic responses, harnessing the power of structured data. Users achieve benefits such as:

  • First-cut legal replies: In addition to surfacing relevant and related information, Vincent can develop legal arguments.
  • Rapid Analysis: Vincent summarizes documents, extracts key facts, and compares law across jurisdictions, replacing hours of non-billable time in minutes.
  • Rapid Response: Vincent can extract and analyze the claims in a complaint, generate defenses, and anticipate counterarguments.
  • Streamlined Contract Analysis: Vincent instantly carries out contract review tasks such as identifying problematic clauses and risks, and providing guidelines for mitigation.
  • Push and Pull Legal Data: With data APIs, users can connect data sources and create workflows​​​ integrated with their own systems​​​​.
  • World-class verification of sources: Allinsights are hyperlinked directly to primary and secondary law materials in vLex’s global repository of legal information, empowering legal professionals to verify all responses with one click.

Unique International Scope Vincent is the only multinational legal AI tool in its class, so global legal departments and law firms can work in a single platform instead of logging in and out of a patchwork of single-nation tools. The new document analysis feature can be used with documents from any region. Vincent AI’s research workflows are available to legal professionals working in the US, the UK, Ireland, Spain, the European Union, Singapore, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia, with New Zealand launching in May 2024.

vLex Labs

Further to its commitment to revolutionizing legal professionals’ workflows, and enabling personalized experiences to directly deliver insights, vLex has launched  vLex Labs – an exclusive in-house service that provides vLex Enterprise customers access to the world’s leading experts on legal AI. By uniting industry leaders such as Fastcase, Docket Alarm, Justis, and NextChapter, vLex is shaping  the future of legal AI with unmatched collective expertise now accessible through vLex Labs.

 New Head of Research and Development. Dan Hoadley. Hoadley who recently joined vLex  will lead the vLex Labs team and work with firms to co-develop building custom workflows to   ensure that vLex services are highly personalized to each firm’s needs. The team will have a global scope, initially focusing on partnerships with large law, enterprise and corporate firms in North America and the UK.