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Today Fastcase is announcing the Launch on the Journal of Emerging Litigation. I think we can assume that Covid-19 Litigation will be emerging in the publication pipeline. The Journal is being produced in partnership with HB Litigation Conferences which was founded by Tom Hagy – a pioneer in niche litigation reporting. Hagy is the former Publisher and Managing Editor of LexisNexis Mealy’s Litigation Reports.

The new journal will be published by Full Court Press, the imprint of Fastcase. The new publication will be informed by analytic trends identified in Docket Alarm as well as Law Street Media news
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Reposting Press Release: Selected ABA content to be available on vLex platform will provides AI enabled legal research platform with content with material from over 100 countries. Wonder if this could lead to  vLex content being available to ABA members in the future?

A new partnership between vLex and the American Bar Association (ABA) brings hundreds of valuable and authoritative legal books and journals to millions of legal practitioners, law firms and educational institutions around the world.

As one of the largest legal publishers in the world, the American Bar Association publishes a wide selection of books and journals across multiple subject areas. Now, a broad selection of these titles will be available on vLex’s unique legal research and intelligence platform alongside global legal content from over 100 countries.

This partnership brings a wealth of benefits to international practitioners, comparative researchers and law librarians alike. With advanced legal technology features such as AI-driven search as a gateway to essential primary and secondary legal materials all in one location, vLex, enhanced by ABA content, delivers unparalleled value for vLex users worldwide. The new books and journals available on vLex will cover areas of the law such as business, litigation, intellectual property, international, tax, cybersecurity and arbitration.

Beyond the benefits to vLex customers, this partnership provides ABA authors with an expanded global audience and new platform on which to feature their legal content. vLex’s CEO Lluis Faus shares his enthusiasm for the new partnership:

“This is a key partnership for vLex globally. The ABA is the largest American legal publisher in terms of secondary source content, and through this collaboration we will be able to integrate world-leading thought leadership content on subject areas including intellectual property, international law and many others for our users.”
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