Last week I attended a private press preview of Thomson Reuters latest enhancement to Westlaw Edge: Precedent Analytics. Although Thomson Reuters was the first legal publisher to launch a legal analytics product aimed at librarians and marketers (The Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center); they were a very late to the “analytics for lawyers” party. For several years I predicted the imminent launch of a Thomson Reuters analytics product.  In July 2018 a new platform Westlaw Edge was launched which offered litigation analytics based on 8 million federal dockets and 150 million state dockets. Since that launch they have continued to expand the motion filters available in Westlaw Edge. They currently offer filters on 23 motion types and more than 100 motion sub-types. Today they are launching a very different
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Today Gavelytics and CourtCall are announcing a  partnership that will accelerate the adoption of the Gavelytics judicial analytics platform in a whole new market. CourtCall was established in 1995 and was inspired by — a lawyer who got stuck in traffic on his way to court and decided that  there ought to be a better way . Court Call has developed a remote appearance platform creating an organized  and voluntary way for attorneys to appear for routine matters in civil family, criminal, probate, bankruptcy, worker’s compensation another cases— from their offices homes or other locations.

Gavelytics is currently only available in California, but the company is preparing to launch its AI-driven data visualization tool in other key state court jurisdictions, including Florida, Texas and Illinois. Gavelytics uses AI to identify and visualize patterns and tendencies in judicial decision-making. The CourtCall judicial analytics product will launch in
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In law, it seems that frustration is often the mother of invention. Gavelytics is the brainchild of Rick Merrill a former “Big Law” real estate litigator who wanted to get better insights into the rulings and habits of California Superior Court judges. Merrill began developing Gavelytics two years ago when he left Greenberg Traurig. Gavelytics