Lexis Practice Advisor

Today Lexis Nexis is releasing a new M&A analytics tool called Market Standards which helps lawyers identify, compare and analyze publicly files transactions – to optimize the terms of M&A deals.

Market Standards enables a lawyer to analyze, 150+ deal points, in 33,000 deals spanning 10 years. New deals are analyzed and added within 48

I have been working on a post about the various ways legal publishers have been responding to the current pandemic, but this news was too good to hold back for a longer piece. It is not often that legal publishers forego the opportunity for revenue. Many legal publishers have begun publishing kits and resources for their subscribers which sit behind a paywall.  Kudos for Lexis Nexis for being the first publisher (that I know of) to make subscription resources available to the entire legal community for free. Content includes news from Law360 as well as a toolkit covering corporate, commercial,privacy/security, capital markets and life science issues.  According to the press release, they are providing these resources “to help legal professionals, lawmakers and business leaders become better informed and successfully navigate the legal issues and intricacies surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
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