I have been following Fastcase since 2011 when I wrote a blogpost, highlighting their innovative approach to legal research which included visual timelines and a feature called “foresight” that identified relevant precedent without relying on keywords. Fastcase was the brainchild of co-founders  Ed Walters and Phil Rosenthal, former big law associates who were driven by a passion to “democratize the law.”

Since 2011, I have written an astonishing 49 stories on my blog tracking Fastcase’s various upgrades, acquisitions and alliances.  Acquisitions include: Casemaker, Loislaw, Docket Alarm, Judicata’s “Legal genome,” TopForm, Next Chapter and Law Street Media. They expanded business intelligence, legal treatises, expert witness profiles, and corporate content by entering alliances with a host of companies, including Courtroom, Insight, JurisPro, the ABA, TransUnion, James Publishing , The Practicing Law Institute, Littler, Wolters, Kluwer, and Association of Immigration Lawyers and Matterhorn.

A year ago this month cast Fastcase merged with vLex,  the international research platform. I was really excited to talk to Ed Walters, Chief Strategy Officer at vLex and get his take on the vLex merger as well as the state of the legal tech market, advice for entrepreneurs and teaching robot law to next generation of lawyers.

O’Grady: It is a year since Fastcase merged with vLex. Has it been a win-win for both companies?

Walters: Fastcase was very successful as a 24-year-old bootstrapped company. We had not gotten a lot of outside financing, and we had grown Fastcase incrementally and responsibly as a profitable company. At the beginning of 2023 it was pretty clear, that we were coming into an age where “speed to market” and artificial intelligence were going to be more important than ever, and candidly, we just didn’t have the resources to compete as an independent, slow-growth company.

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Reposting Press Release: Selected ABA content to be available on vLex platform will provides AI enabled legal research platform with content with material from over 100 countries. Wonder if this could lead to  vLex content being available to ABA members in the future?

A new partnership between vLex and the American Bar Association (ABA) brings hundreds of valuable and authoritative legal books and journals to millions of legal practitioners, law firms and educational institutions around the world.

As one of the largest legal publishers in the world, the American Bar Association publishes a wide selection of books and journals across multiple subject areas. Now, a broad selection of these titles will be available on vLex’s unique legal research and intelligence platform alongside global legal content from over 100 countries.

This partnership brings a wealth of benefits to international practitioners, comparative researchers and law librarians alike. With advanced legal technology features such as AI-driven search as a gateway to essential primary and secondary legal materials all in one location, vLex, enhanced by ABA content, delivers unparalleled value for vLex users worldwide. The new books and journals available on vLex will cover areas of the law such as business, litigation, intellectual property, international, tax, cybersecurity and arbitration.

Beyond the benefits to vLex customers, this partnership provides ABA authors with an expanded global audience and new platform on which to feature their legal content. vLex’s CEO Lluis Faus shares his enthusiasm for the new partnership:

“This is a key partnership for vLex globally. The ABA is the largest American legal publisher in terms of secondary source content, and through this collaboration we will be able to integrate world-leading thought leadership content on subject areas including intellectual property, international law and many others for our users.”
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vLex has been getting a lot of buzz for launching a “drop and drag” research assistant to compete with Casetext’s CARA and Ross’s Eva. Yes vLex has launched an AI enabled research assistant called Vincent which has similarities to the competitors. Vincent is the ONLY “legal assistant” that works in multiple languages.  International legal research